Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Inside Your Heaven

1st thing:

I'm so happy with the Carrie Underwood win in American Idol. I think she would fit the Idol mold in a way. I was really cringing the whole time last week because I know that Bo Bice was leading all the polls as to who would become the next American Idol. Both singers performed, I think, below par when compared to their previous performances, mainly because they are sick... First off to perform is Bo Bice who performed A Long, Long Road. I don't know what happened to Bo's star quality and it seemed to plummet. It's as if he's very uncomfortable with the stage and the song. Then, Carrie came up with her rendition of "Inside Your Heaven" and I really thought that Carrie has the thing under her belt. And she really won ! and I'm happy... But what I don't understand is the fact that most of the people are pelting Carrie with rocks mainly because they want Bo to win. I mean, why have a finale when you want a winner based on previous performances. It's really evident that Carrie's star outshone Bo's. and Carrie deserves to win just because of that. The true competition between Carrie and Bo is when the time their albums are released...

2nd thing:

The Miss Universe competition got really boring yesterday. The bore started with the announcement of the top 15. I admit, I'm quite hopeful that Gionna Cabrera, Miss Philippines, would at least make the cut and at least strut her stuff. But, to my utter amazement, she was cut off in favor of that weird looking biatch from South Africa and the Barbie look-alikes of Switzerland and Latvia. And gasp, they let Indonesia in ! Good thing that both South Africa and Indonesia got booted off after the debacle called the long gown competition... And then came the debacle of the swimsuit competition. Things started with a good note with Ms. Puerto Rico strutting her stuff... then came Dominican Republic with her perfect hair toss. I think what is important in this part is the hair toss. Then came Peru, who almost stumbled on the ramp because her heels got tangled in the shawl that she's supposed to throw. The disastrous swimsuit segment did not stop there as Sweden and Latvia began the walk of the dead in the ramp as they showed no life in parading their swimwear. The final blow came when USA looked like a female bouncer as she pranced in the stage. The swimsuit part was saved by Mexico, Venezuela and Canada. I really loved the questions in the final interview part because each question is different. But, the only answer which I loved is that of Canada. The Latinas; Venezuela and Mexico in particular, all bungled and fumbled during the final interview. I'm quite happy with Ms. Canada winning because she has a certain glow and luminous quality which made her standout among the 80+ world-wide beauties.

3rd thing:

This is probably gonna be the 1st and last post which is gonna be about my work. Damn. I hate Southerners. I hate people from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Alabama. When I receive a call coming from any of this particular states, I literally cringe. It's quite ok to handle complaints and bitchings because I know that their bills are quite high and basically that kinda goes with the job. But what I really abhor is the fact that I don't understand a thing that they are saying because of their twang. Damn. I could easily explain to any New Englander their billing statements but when faced with the people from the above mentioned states, I literally bomb-out. That's why my QA and CS are suffering a bit... I hate them...

4th thing:

Teejay and I are gonna go out this weekend... Hoping for a very relaxing evening with a guy I care for...

5th thing:

I can't get enough of this song... it's Inside your Heaven by American Idol Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood

I've been down, but now im blessed,
I felt a revelation commin around,
I guess it's right, it's so amazing,
Everytime I see you, im alive,
Your all i got, you lift me up,
The sun and the moonlight,
All my dreams are in your eyes

I, wanna be inside you heaven,
Take me to the place you cry from,
When the storm blows your way,
I, wanna be the arms to hold you,
Every bit of air your breathing in, a soothing wind,
I wanna be inside your heaven

When minutes turn to days and years,
If mountains fall ill still be here,
Holding you, until the day I die
I, wanna be inside you heaven,
Take me to the place you cry from,
When the storm blows your way,
I, wanna be inside you heaven,
Take me to the place you cry from,
When the storm blows your way,
I, wanna be the arms to hold you,
Every bit of air your breathing in, a soothing wind,
I wanna be inside your heaven
Ooh yes I do,
I wanna be inside, your heaven

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