Sunday, March 27, 2005

American Idol Top 11

The Top 11 performed Wednesday and here is my assessment regarding the performances. Their theme is #1 Billboard songs and first off the stage is...

Anthony Federov with I Know You Were Waiting For Me

I think it's quite pleasant for Anthony to sing an upbeat song. From being sharp and pitchy all through the performance, he came back and give a nice performance. Add in the fact that he is attractive...

Carrie Underwood with Alone

I think Paula is right.... Carrie took the risk and gave her most dazzling performance ever... She had the presence... the vocals... and the song showcased her wide range... started out with the low notes and belted out those high ones... Superb !

Scott Savol with Against All Odds

I really don't like the song... but Scotty did his job fine... his vocals are clear and perfect... can't say with the performanceship though...

Bo Bice with Time in a Bottle

Well... Bo did a superb performance by slowing the edges down.. his range become clearer and clearer...

Nikko Smith with Incomplete

He missed a couple of notes in the high parts but what I like about him is that he's a performer...

Vonzell Solomon with Best of My Love

Perfect song! Her vocals shone, wasn't uncomfortable to the camera, pleasing to look at and looked uber confident while sashaying through the crowd... Way to go Vonzell !

Constantine Maroulis with I Think I Love You

I think Bo overshadowed Constantine last week... Constantine screeched on a lot of parts and shouted most of the lyrics...

Nadia Turner with Time After Time

The mohawk could not save Nadia from bringing on a subpar performance... Her vocals became weak on a lot of parts and I cringed at her face while she was singing... man, she looked real creepy...

Mikalah Gordon with Love Will Lead You Back

I think Mikalah again made a disaster in picking song choices... Her vocals were ok... but she seemed uncomfortable with the stage that night...

Anwar Robinson with Ain't Nobody

Again, Anwar butchered another idols song... after butchering Tanyra Gray with his dismal performance of A House is Not a Home, he butchered La Toya with the boring Ain't Nobody performance of his... How come Anwar made a dance song a lullabye is a mystery I cannot fathom...

Jessica Sierra with Total Eclipse of the Heart

Jessica came back after a boring Shop Around last week... great work...

My assessment of the top 11... The women came in strong while the guys just stayed in the middle... Carrie, Jessica and Vonzell outsang and outperform them all... here's my power rankings...


and here's another Federov pic...

Friday, March 18, 2005

American Idol

With the judges promising that they are the best... well I felt disappointed with the top 12... the theme is the 1960's... and it's way way way obvious that they younger contestants had a bad time adopting to the theme... here's my commentary on the top 12's performance and as to who got the boot...

Jessica Sierra singing Shop Around
I think Jessica is the most forgettable idol ever... she has no sense of appeal... and to think that she's constantly praised by the judges... so what song... so so performance... forgettable...

Anwar Robinson singing A House is Not a Home
Anwar's good... but he's becoming a tad boring... try singing an upbeat song...

Mikalah Gordon singing Son of A Preacherman
Well... vocally, the song is so over the place... she also has a problem in the diction... but least her performance is memorable kci she has gone back to singing uptempo songs...

Constantine Maroulis singing You've Made me so very Happy
Great control of voice... has shifted styles into a toned down rocker which is great... great... i thought he's gonna fail in the last note but he nailed it...

Lindsey Cardinale singing Knock on the Wood
I think the problem is with the song... andthe way she sang it is so gritty... i think Mikalah is worse than her but she's like Camile Velasco... deer caught in the headlights...

Anthony Federov singing Breaking Up is Hard to Do
I think he's quite ok but it's a bit pitchy and sharp all throughout the song... good thing he has shown his biceps... Naughty images on the mind of Henry

Nadia Turner singing You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
For Nadia, i think it was a pleasant change to see her sing a slow song... great vocal control... eventhough this is a birit song, she had made arrangements so as to maximize her limited vocal powers...

Bo Bice singing Spinning Wheel
Frankly speaking, i think Constantine overshadowed his fellow rocker this week... this guy is about showmanship... but there are certain parts where i wasn't able to understand the lyrics.

Vonzell Solomon singing Anyone Who had A HeaRT
Well... same problem with Anwar... great voice... but she's regrettable... I think she's the most versatile among the girls.

Scott Savol singing Ain't too Proud to Beg
Well... he picked the proper song to showcase his voice... and he looked so cute... looked like a teddy bear who is snobbish..

Carrie Underwood singing When I will be Loved
She sounded ok... and i'm gonna side with simon... it's her style and forte... there's always room for improvement...

Nikko Smith singing I Want You Back
It's nice to have Nikko back... he's good... made me really bop my head up and down...

with the performance rankings...
Vonzell & Scott
Carrie & Bo
Anthony & Jessica

regarding the boot: It all came down as to who is less forgettable... Lindsey was the most lackluster among the performers this week, thus the least amount of votes... regarding the commercial: cute nilang lahat duon esp. Lindsey

ciao Lindsey !

But lemme drool over Anthony Federov... he's so freaking and fucking hot... thos biceps... add in the fact that he's ukrainian... oooh god. here are some images of him...

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