Friday, December 10, 2004

How Come You Don't Call Me

* written this entry while listening to Alicia Key's song

The whole Convergys experience is quite okey. A friend of mine, Brie referred me to an agent, Tanya of INFOPHIL who is also a Pexer. She turned out to be quite a very cool fellow and she did my intial interview last Monday and then she endorsed me to have my ETC test. I was scheduled to take the ETC test last Wednesday. After being warned that the ETC test is gonna be the hardest component of the whole job application process, I was literally cringing the whole time I was there. Wednesday arrived and the test turned out to be quite okey... as long as one keeps his cool and calm... The 1st part is kinda ok, though i have to press the repeat button quite a number of times since I wasn't able to get the complete account number. But, it turned out to be quite hard for the others in my batch coz basically after that part of the exam, only six of us remained in the room to advance in the E-skills part which is the component which measures the typing speed and accuracy. After that part, only four remain standing including me. I was then endorsed to have my final interview today at 9:30... I just got back from the interview and I really hope that they consider me for a job since they told me that I scored quite high in the simulations part... Actually, I'd pick Convergys over ICT as of the moment... ICT is basically hellish...


The reason I'm listening to How Come You Don't Call Me as of the moment is that basically, I'm feeling pretty much down. I've been pretty much out of touch with most of my friends... haay.. really really sad... Another thing is that I have learned that a person whom I've been fucking with and even turned out to be a bf although a minor one has been shagging a friend of mine while he has this sort of relationship with me... Jeez, talk about being decency and faithfulness... Where's the delicadeza?

Monday, December 06, 2004


* done this entry while listening to Christina Aguilera's Dirrty

I would like to rant on everything... My trainer is a complete asshole and I would surely like to quit my jo in ICT... damn, he's so goddamn irritating and he has a bad thing against me which I can't put a finger on. Kakairita talaga... I don't think that I could put up with him anymore... Good thing there isn't any bond there...
Queen Ami Cussack of Survivor Vanuatu was voted out of a 4-2 decision last Friday... damn, i really love Ami because she really is the master of all the booties and has created a virtual kingdom of women where she is the queen. What I love about Ami is that she has a very nice mind and mental game and she is one of the strongest among the Outcasts left after the Merge. She has basically engineered and maneuvered everything so as when it comes to the merge, the Yasur females will have an advantage over the smug males... Another thing that I liked a lot about Ami is that she has basically played a very decent game among the Outcasts. She is the most dominant member of the alliance and she did not lied just in order to get a better position or leverage. I just would like to throw a bomb and kill that tomboy Twila, that old lezzy Scout and that stinking pig called Chris...
Lena and Kristy, were philiminated in last week's eppy of the Amazing Race. After Meredith and Maria got booted out in Voss, Norway, all the teams were asked to go to the Scandinavian country of Sweden and in the city of Stockholm find the Ice Bar, a bar made completely of ice and then slide a shot glass into a slot... After that, teams were tasked to go to a village where the mother of Ikea stores is located where they encountered a detour. The detour tasks is between Count It, where they have to count a lot and Build It, where they have to build a desk. After that, they were tasked to go to a certain village where they encountered a roadblock... Rb is unrolling hay bales where they have to find a clue hidden in the hay bales... Lena struggled in the roadblock and that was the end for the amazing hot sisters... it was a really really sad to see them get philiminate after struggling...

1.) Hayden and Aaron
2.) Kris and Jon
3.) Gus and Hera
4.) Jonathan and Victoria
5.) Adam and Rebecca
6.) Freddy and Kendra
7.) Lori and Bolo
8.) Don and Mary Jean
9.) Lena and Kristy (philiminated)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"Midnight Train to Georgia"

* all thoughts entered my mind while listening to Jasmine Trias' version of the song

I've got so many things to talk about or just share my opinions on... let's start on the Survivor series... Only six survivors remain... This part of the entry will be an analysis of the gameplans and chances of the six castaways to being the Ultimate Sole Survivor.

Ami Cussack, aka Queen Ami-dala

Basically, Ami the Queen has been running the whole Survivor series after the merge. She has been basically the pawn-pusher when it comes as to who gets voted off. She has her allies in Leann and Julie. However, Ami's plan of ridding the males from the competition did not worked out when her allies targeted to vote out Eliza which proved to be a very big miscalculation on their part since it backfired a lot when her closest ally, Leann got voted out. She's definitely on the chopping block. However, Ami is the strongest competitor in the immunity challenges, so she has still has a chance of making it to the top 4.

Julie Berry,

Julie is in a very precarious position in the game since she allied herself with Queen Ami and Dame Leann. She could still get a shot in the final four by convincing Chris and Eliza to save her instead of Ami and then cause a commotion to vote off either Twila or Scout so as to better their chances in the final four. By convincing Chris and Eliza to pick her up to the final three, they could vote out the strongest allies in the game.

Eliza Orlins, The B!tch that I Love !!

I know that many people hate Eliza because of her big mouth but what I love about this girl is that she really speaks her mind out and does what she wants. She has been in the chopping block ever since Yasur has to go to the tribal council and even became a very big target after the merge yet she is still in the game. In the last eppy, Eliza has really turned the game by agreeing into an alliance with her enemies Twila and Scout and Chris to vote out Leann. By doing this, she has already guaranteed herself up to final five with Twila, Scout, Chris, and Julie or even go to a final three with Chris and Julie.

Chris Daugherty, the only Male Survivor

By turning the tide of the competition, he has became certain of a slot in the final four with Scout and Twila. I think that he is a force to reckon with and has a good chance of making it to the final two and becoming the sole Survivor.

Twila Tanner

I think Twila would become a good winner of the survivor series. However, she may became a victim of Scout's manipulation. Twila could win in a lot of physical challenges.

Scout Cloud Lee

I think Lola Scout is a shrewd operator. But I'd be very sad if she wins the Survivor series. I don't particulary like her game. She's quite weak in both mental and physical challenges and bringing Scout into a final four or a final three could become fatal because she's also a powerplayer like Ami-dala.

Actually, my ideal final four would be Twila, Julie, Eliza and Chris... I just hope that it materializes...


Today, I met Vermont over at SM Manila to play a couple of rounds of arcade and to basically catch up on each other's lives. Actually, it's nice to meet again any member of the Odders coz basically, i've been out of sync with the group since James' birthday. I really want to join a contingent... I miss the Odder peeps... (1 - 100)

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