Monday, November 22, 2004


I've just heard about what happened to one of the Odders... Nathan, I'm praying very hard for your speedy recovery.


I'm currently not liking my position as an outbound call center agent... It's kinda freaking hard for me... I think that I won't be able to survive being in the outbound.


Last Friday, I went out on an eb with a new friend, Teejay or absolut_fierce from the Pinoyexchange BMK thread. Last Friday was so swell. I really enjoyed talking things with him and frankly, it's quite nice to broaden your network. We met around 10 o clock in Robinson's and then we decided to hit Malate and we just traversed Malate walking and talking about different things... Relationships, life, trials, joys and dozens of different things. After that, we walked towards Baywalk so as to ease our aching feet and there we sat in the different benches there... He's very very funny and witty at times. I just had a wonderful time with him. We ended our evening by going to Glorietta and eating congee and sweet and sour pork in North Park. Frankly, he's really quirky and I think that I would like to spend some time with him again... We thought of going to BED this coming Friday.


I really want the winner of Survivor Vanuatu to be either Eliza, Ami, Leann or Julie... damn...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Amazing Race 6 Premieres

After the end of the Amazing Race 5 in Dallas, Texas where couple Chip and Kim edged out dating couples Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole for the 1 million dollars last September, the sixth installment of The Amazing Race premieres today. I woke up kinda early because I'm really excited about the return of the fastest reality tv Show but damn studio 23. After waiting for over 1 hour because of the delay, the race finally started. I already called up ICT and said that I had mild stomach cramps and that I would not be attending the training today. I was really guilty of making that sore excuse but what the heck... i did it just once... so on with the Amazing Race...

The starting city of the sixth installment of the race is the city of Chicago, Illinois in the United States with 11 teams... They're tasked to go to the country of Iceland through three flights; one that connects to Minneapolis, Minnesota, another in Boston, Massachusetts and the last one in Baltimore, Maryland. After that, they were to find a waterfall, then camp in the world's largest glacier and then were given the options of detour, which is Ice Search and Ice Climb. Pairs who have selected Ice Climb would have to climb a steep wall of ice with ice picks while those who chose Ice Search would have to comb an area of 7,000 sq. km of an ice lake where they have to find a floating buoy to get their next clue. The pit stop for the Rejkjavik, Iceland leg of the race is the Blue Lagoon.

I was really astounded by the stupidity of Meredith and Maria and Lori and Bolo when it comes to the map-reading skills. and Jonathan is the worst reality tv male. He is so obnoxious, loud and grating that it really annoys the hell out of someone. He is like Colin and Jon (Kelly and Jon of TAR 4) combined. I really felt sorry for her wife Victoria. Jon is hot... and so is Aaron... I was a bit sorry that one of my favorites, Avi and Joe from Brooklyn, New York got axed after they finished last. Now, I only have Kris and Jon, Hayden and Aaron, Lena and Kristy and Gus and Hera to cheer for...

here' s the rankings after the first leg of the race..

1.) Hayden and Aaron: picked Ice Climb as detour choice
2.) Kris and Jon: Ice climb
3.) Lena and Kristy: Ice Climb
4.) Freddy and Kendra: Ice Climb
5.) Jonathan and Victoria: Ice Search
6.) Lori and Bolo: Ice Climb
7.) Adam and Rebecca: Ice Climb
8.) Meredith and Maria: Ice Climb
9.) Don and Mary Jean: Ice Climb
10.) Gus and Hera: Ice Search
11.) Avi and Joe: Ice Search

Friday, November 12, 2004

This would be a quick one....

I'm so harrassed as of the moment... I'm gonna start training for ICT Group in Ortigas this coming Monday. I was placed in an outbound account. Yet, next week would be my tests for SykesAsia and Convergys... shucks, i would really like to work in an inbound account... (1 - 100)

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