Thursday, October 14, 2004

In... or Out.... Am I In or Out...

So goes the lyrics of the song of Sandara Park and basically, this is what I'm currently feeling. I've been to Clientlogic, Teleperformance and the HSBC Electronic Data Processing Philippines since Monday of this week and now I'm waiting for the results of all the testing and interviews that I have done since Monday... and it's making me a lot tense and apprehensive... Anyways, yesterday, I went to ICT Group, located in the Union bank bldg in Ortigas... I got there around 10:30 since I came from my interview in Teleperformance where I think I was rejected... I tried my luck in ICT and luckily yesterday, I passed the initial interview with flying colors. After the initial interview, it's off to the phone simulation room. In the phone simulation room, there's a big book of tongue twisters and the 50 states of the United States. When the phone rang, the interviewer, Racquel asked me to speak out loud the 50 states... It's such a good, good thing that I knew the pronounciation of these states since I've been reading the encyclopedia about such things... After the states came the fucking tongue twisters and here is the most difficult part of the test... Keeping the presence of mind, articulating the letters in the word, maintaining the diction and accent, keeping it cool and worrying abou whether you'll pass the cut or not.... After a few minutes of silence, Racquel asks me to put down the phone and approach her to get the Employment Application form and asked me to come back today to do my skills test. And today, I've done my skills test and was really glad that I made the final cut for the final interview.... one of the trainers in ICT, Carlo (who really resembles Francis Chiu except he's dark) told me that nobody fails the final interview and I'm about as secure as starting in the company... Finally, I'm at least guarranteed to have a JOB... My Own Job...


This is the question which bugs me since watching the first few episodes of Survivor... First it's the hunky Brook, then it's the Mandy Moore look-alike Dolly, then John P. and Mia. The last victim of the dominant oldies alliance is the hunky FBI agent Brady... What's happening.... now, there's only Eliza and John K. to root for... I'm actually not against the Oldies, but I think if they systematically vote off the youngsters, they'll eventually kill each other in the Immunity challenges...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Looking for a job is...

A.) stressful. Since I've been applying to the call centers, I've been all over Makati and Ortigas since it's the base of most call centers... Frankly, selling yourself to prospective employers is quite stressful and it's really making me look haggard...

B.) fun... since, it's always a new experience... Walking in the crowded streets of Ortigas and Makati has been quite a delighful experience for me since it's a new one... Frankly, my areas are confined to the De La Salle area and Manila area... It's a nice change of scenery and ambiance... Besides, I've got the chance of meeting several people... I would like to talk about the person who's a co-applicant for a call center Anna... She's quite nice, quite a good conversationalist, also an intelligent person. She's stuying at UP Los Banos taking up Computer Science... and She's a LESBIAN... Yep, she's a lesbian... We've met yesterday at JobsDb.Com at Ortigas... Since then, we struck up an acquaintanceship bordering in friendship. We both applied to ClientLogic in Ortigas, then Teleperformance in Ortigas, and in HSBC Electronic Data Processing in Makati. During the free periods in the application process, we began talking about and sharing ourselves to each other... From the onset that I've seen her, I noticed that she's quite not straight but she admitted to me today that she's a lesbian... In her, I found a kindred spirit and we began talking about stuff that only non-straights could understand... We're both crossing our fingers that we would be accepted in ClientLogic or in Teleperformance...\

It's also fun because I get the chance to meet several hot guys during the course of the whole application process ... One is the interviewer in Teleperformance... Quite a hunk with a sexy American accent... damn.... real business like in treatment of the applicants but with such a killer smile... Another is the one who've interviewed me in ClientLogic, Adrian... chinito hunk... YUMMY !!!

C.) Tiring yet satisfying... After all the interviewing, I'm just waiting for the call of ClientLogic... I really would like to work for that company... Anyways, I'm still qualified to work for Teleperformance, I just need to pass the Phone interview test and the final interview... Besides, if things do not go my way, I could fall back to Kaizen...

Thursday, October 07, 2004


I'm currently in the backroom of our grocery store near the Paco Market... supposedly doing the inventory of goods for the grocery and I'm so bored by it... Just plain accounting and balancing the sheets... and I miss the usual stuffs and things that I do especially when I'm in school... I mean by this time, I would be doing the projects and inserting some chatting and baiting over the IRC in between... There's so much responsibility that is in my shoulders... I think that I could shoulder it without cracking but it really bores the hell out of me... I don't like what I'm currently doing... Hopefully, the call centers will call me with some good news...

The Amazing Race 5: looking back

The Amazing Race 5 ended with married African-American couple Chip and Kim McAllister won the race as they trounced off the uber competitive team of dating Texans Colin Guinn and Christie Lee Woods and the prayerful Christian models Brandon Davidson and Nicole O'Brian as the race ended in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas...

Looking back at the race, the teams have provided a lot of drama and zest and action... There are so many things that I loved in this installment of the Amazing Race... The animosity between Colin and Christie and Charla and Mirna, the intensity of Colin and Christie, the eye candies Brandon and Nicole, the perkiness and competitiveness of Linda and Karen, such hot hot guys in the personality of Dennis, Donny, Colin and Brandon, the naivete of the twins Kami and Karli, the scary incidents such as Colin's confrontation with the police in Tanzania, and oh, the legs here in the Philippines... The season really rocked..

The Amazing Race 6: Looking Forward

With the end of the Amazing Race, i'm currently looking forward for the sixth installment of the Amazing Race... The official CBS site is already up... and I've searched for spoilers since I wanna be spoiled... Don't read on if YOU don't wanna be spoiled...


the first pit stop will be at Reykjavik, Iceland
the second purported pit stop will be at Oslo, Norway

there are 11 teams... and here's a pic of the teams...

and here are the teams of the Amazing Race 6

1.) Jonathan and Victoria, Jonathan dyed his hair blue while Victoria is an ex-Playmate
2.) Lori and Bolo, Team Wrestlers
3.) Rebecca and Adam,
4.) Kris and Jon
5.) Freddy and Kendra
6.) Lena and Kristy
7.) Aaron and Hayden
8.) Hera and Gustavus, Team CIA
9.) Maria and Meredith
10.) Donald and Mary, Team Medicare, the oldest couple ever to enter the race
11.) Avi and Joe, Team Nerds

Breaking NEWS: Our article, Gaano Katotoo ang Totoo?, won the best article for the month of September... I'm so freaking happy... BNK POwer...

Friday, October 01, 2004


Another slurp-worthy dude... I know most of the PInoys pulled for him and Nicole to win the race... oh well... here's Brandon Davidson, the model, and of Brandon And Nicole of the Amazing Race 5..

Brandon looks like a Greek god

Oktoberfest !

Running a business which is in the dire ends of being bankrupt is so difficult... the grocery is at the breakeven level while the woodshop is still losing money... I've fired an employee... well because she is a bitch, she is inept at cash handling and has poor work ethic...

----- Break ----

Am so freeeeeaking happy that DLSU won over the Tams yesterday !!! finally, the UAAP championship for men's basketball is back into Taft Avenue... After losing it to Ateneo and then FEU, the GREEN ARCHERS has came back and defeated the odds..

congrats DLSU !!!

----- BReak ----

Finding an extra source of money is so difficult... Tried the different call centers and am waiting for a response... Hopefully, one or two turn out to my favor...

---- Break -----

Chip and Kim won over Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole in The Amazinr Race 5... and TAR 6 is just around the corner... I so love Reality TV..

---- Break ----

I just hope that everything turns out to be in my favor.... I'd like to succeed in every endeavor... and I just wanna say thank you to all the people there who are pushing me to be the best that I can be... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

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