Friday, August 27, 2004

Kilometrico part 2

Here's part 2 of Kilometrico..

Finals week and I did not have any finals... However, I have to endure typing for 24 hours straight so as to finish all the requirements for Freaking EUROMOD... good thing that I won't have any history subjects next term...

Wednesday and Thursday classes were suspended due to a lot of raining... Well... hmmm... how will I put this... okey... Remember my ex, Marlon, well it was his birthday yesterday... I was typing in my room Wednesday evening when he rang me up in the house asking me a favor... He needed someone to talk with. I immediately recognized that it will be his birthday the following day and I forgot about it... well, to tell you frankly, I'm still enthralled with him...but, not enough for me to became lovers with him again... He said he needed a friend as of the moment.... I've never him sound so desperate and lonely over the phone... He said that he needed somebody to be just be there for him... and I guess I'm that somebody... So I said that I'm going that night to his pad (Torre Lorenzo) and that I could be there... Lately, our relationship has become friendly as he began calling me over the phone and basically, we've chatted almost everything under the sun... It really reminds me of our pre-relationship days where we basically talked and chatted about everything under the sun... So, braving the torrential rains, I went to his pad where I found him drunk, and crying... It seemed to me he's in such a broken state...

It turned out to be as if the world crashed down on him on that day. His girlfriend, Charisse, that bitch from Ateneo, dumped him for another girl ! (what a surprise)... and that his dad has been keeping another family besides them... I feel pity for him... I've never seen him in such a sorry state.. He cried and cried on me, asking me what are the things whe had done which may earn him such this state... Well, I don't wanna rub the wounds with salt and basically, I've just been a friend to him... I acted as a sounding board to him... Around 4 in the morning, he was overcome by sleep and he slept at my legs... (damn erotic to see a real cute guy sleeping like a child in your legs...) I gradually slept....

Thursday morning found me waking up at 10 in the morning... He's still sleeping and I proceeded to make some breakfast for us... Good thing he has bacon and eggs and a few loaves of bread there which I toasted in butter... Damn, it was just like the old times where I was sort of living there... I was hit by a sudden wave of nostalgia and I began contemplating where did we go wrong....

The whole day, I just sit there, watching tv, playing play station with him and bascially talking about the updates in our lives... just like the old times... I finally left him this morning... around 9... He was really, really grateful over the whole matter... Looking back, the whole experience is a sad one... Knowing that I had loved him but we could never be again... Nostalgic very much...

#2 thingie: Survivor 9: Vanuatu, Islands of Fire is just a few days away... and here are my pre-season picks: It could be noted that in Survivor 7, most of my picks went and stayed in the game for long like Burton, Christa, Darrah and eventual winner Sandra... now here are my pre-season picks:

can't wait for Survivor 9 to start....


Well this is supposed to be long as the title of the post implies... Finally, I've got so much time in my hands that finally I would be able to finally express what I want to say... and it's supoosed to be a long one... hehehe...

1st thing: The freaking term is over...yess... and September 2 will be the day of reckoning... I just hope that I get a 3.0 in all the remaining subjects... I wanna experience again the perks of being a dean's lister... such as that freaking unlimited cuts which will be so beneficial to me since there's gonna be four major issues in the next term for Ang Pahayagang Plaridel... Frankly, I aspire to become the next B&K editor... hahaha... dream on

2nd thing: Big-Time Belter Frenchie Dy won the Star in A Million Plum last Saturday. She sang "Raindrops will Fall" by American Idol Season 1 finalist, Tamyra Gray. She was simply awesome and left her competitors with her big booming voice and stage presence... She's really a diva... Soul Sistah Nyko Maca bagged the 1st runner-up after she sang "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. I thought that she had the thing in the bag but she lost her power in the ending parts of the song, however, it was awesome.. Versatile Crooner OJ Mariano placed second runner up after he sang "Somewhere, Sometime" by Regine Velasquez but failed to connect with the audience and the judges... Really happy for the explosive showdown among the three... I just wish that Whistling Diva Shanna Hife was the third semifinalist instead of OJ... that would have been FABULOUS !!!

3rd thing: I've attended the BMK grand-eb last Saturday... After watching Frenchie won over Nyko and OJ, I immediately eaten my dinner and just put on some clothes so that I wouldn't be late for the BMK grand-eb which was held in Mocha Blends, Adriatico corner Malvar streets. it turned out to be that I was the first one there. Hopes ran out of me as I've already drank two iced teas vainly looking for a group of guys congregating. Leaving around 9:30, I went home and asked my sister to text Goshdarnit's number. It turned out to be that they arrived at roughly the same time that I left... I hurriedly went to Malate and found them there. I met JC, aka theEndShift, MC aka Pappadeaux, Migs aka Goshdarnit and Andy aka Andy_rn. It turned out to be that they're really cool people... Really, really had a good time conversing with them in the cafe... They're very smart, yet articulate... During the whole time, I can't help but comparing them with the ODDERS... the BMK peeps seemed to be a tad uptight unlike the ODDERS... oh well... mighty happy to meet new people...

4th thing: I've already told the story to several persons, and I guess I'm ready to tell it now... After the BMK grand-eb broke up and we all went our seperate ways, I eventually walked home... Frankly speaking, I was really really bushed because I've been up since 8 in the morning that day. So I traversed J. Nakpil so that I could get to Taft then walks towards Escoda where I could ride a jeep going home. I have already heard of rumors of people getting held up by snatchers and robbers but I never even thought that I would experience such a thing. I was traversing Julio Nakpil when I came to a dark section near the intersection of Pilar Hidalgo Lim. At about the same time, a group of three teen-agers, came up to me and immediately grabbed the collar of my shirt and pointed a switchblade in my face saying that I was held-up. They immediately began searching my pockets for a cellphone (duh, EVERYBODY KNOWS I AIN'T HAVE ONE) and for my wallet (WHICH I GUESS EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT I'M NOT FOND OF CARRYING AND WHICH I LEFT IN THE HOUSE). They did not found any money in my pocket, except for some spare change from the couple of cigars that I bought and my school ID. Luckily, I've thought of tucking in my money in the garter of my briefs. hahaha.. They've left me unscratched, yet I'm severely frightened. It's the first time in my life that I've never experienced such a frighetning thing... Looking back at the experience, I consider myself lucky because I wasn't hurt in any way... Thank god..

5th thing: After the brush-off with the three dundering holdappers, I again resumed walking towards P.Gil. I was in front of PWU when I found out that I was being stalked by a guy: early-mid 20's, fair, medium built and not entirely handsome. The hackles raised again because of my previous experience. The situation did not help as the stoplight in the intersection of Malvar and Taft went red, preventing me from crossing and reaching P. Gil. I was really nervous at that time when I felt someone tapping my shoulders. It turned out to be the guy and he was asking me if i have cigarettes left. I felt for my jeans and found a Marlboro Menthol. I gave it to him and he engaged me in a conversation. STUPID ME, because I've engaged in a conversation with him. He asked me where I was going and I said I just came from Malate and I'm going home. Stupid me asked him where he came from... He said that he also came from Malate and he's looking for a gimik... He then asked me if I WANTED TO HAVE A GIMIK WITH HIM... My god, finally the zings in my brain fired up and I thought that I was being lured by a Male prostitute... So, i've asked him point blank if he's a callboy.. He admitted that he is one and I said that "I'm not interested in acquiring his services" and immediately walked away... I mean, why would I pay for sex and fun when I could just call up Josh and ask him if I could drop by his place. Besides, there are a lot of guys in the chatrooms who were looking for sex... Besides, the thought of just doing it with a callboy just gives me the gripes...
What a really dazzling night that was.. I've been held-up and picked on by a callboy...

Friday, August 20, 2004

This Is It

= I've finally accomplished all the requirements for the term... Yessiree.. Only finish minor revisions in the Book review which is due roughly Wednesday and Thursday next week. I'm so happy that I was able to squeak through all the papers and beaten their deadline. Frankly, I was really worried about the quality of the paper which I'm gonna be submitting but I know that the papers are really fine creations because they're all well-researched and well-articulated. Practically, I'm very satisfied with the way on how I deconstructed the movie Sum of All Fears... By the way, I got a grade of 3.0 in Litera2 where I've got to deal with a very booring Japanese professor who was so intent in explaining the whole Zen philosophy and Yukio Mishima... good thing that my group got rave reviews from him when we did our Oral and passed our written reports... Really, really happy with the way things going on with my academic life... I feel like I'm gonna be a dean's lister again... hehehe...

= I'm excited as to who will emerge as the ultimate winner of Star in A Million Season 2... My vote is torn between the Soul Sister Nyko Maca and the BigTime Belter Frenchie Dy... But, whoever emerges as the winner tomorrow must be really. really good... I'm just hoping for a wonderful and explosive showdown between Nyko, Frenchie and OJ

= I'm so happy that Charla and Mirna were eliminated from the Amazing Race... serves them right... but I guess I'm gonna miss Charla because she really is a strong woman... that i've got to hand it to her...

= Remember the buddy that I have? Josh... well I think the relationship is getting deeper and deeper the past few weeks and it's getting there... well... last Wednesday, another kinky thing happened to me... Josh, in order of trying something new contacted a cute fellow, Adrian to join us for a three-way... REALLY, REALLY HOT !!!

Monday, August 16, 2004

To Die For

Currently, I'm rushing papers left and right... Book reviews... just wish that the fucking hectic week is over... I would give everything for today to become Friday...

to satiate my eyes... let's appreciate the aesthetics of this particular young man... Lee of the Pond's Commercial and 2003 Mossimo Bikini Summit Champion Ronald Brent Javier

Shet... to die for !!!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Sore Eyes...

Yep... I had a mild case of that motherfucking infection last week. It coupled with Influenza thus, I was really down whole Sunday and Monday... Prior to that experience, I never contracted that viral stuff and it really was so fucking uncomfortable. Imagine trying to watch the TV and read books or even play with your PC with just seeing about half of what your original eyesight is... and the dumb thing is that I don't know how and where did I have contact with the carrier of that infection... Stupid, stupid, stupid... Maybe it's just a case where my eyes finally had a revolution and said to me that it won't function normally as of the time being... hehehe... Oh well... Sad thing is, I did not accomplish anything the whole time I was sick. My eyes freaking hurt everytime I try to read something or type for the papers which are due next week. and I can't really enjoy watching tv and dvd... so I just played my mp3's all over again... but I couldn't sing so alas... am just a poor boy...

I just wish that I won't have to experience all that fucking stuff again..

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Am Back

Finally, am back at blogging... It's been a while since I've typed something substantial in my blog... hehehe... Just freaking, freaking busy because the finals are looming... Next week is Hell Week because most of the teachers who are not going to school in the Finals week will be pressuring us, US, the lowly students to submit everything to them... Why set a Finals week when this freaking professors won't follow the regular schedule. It's freakin unfair for us students because we have to rush everything and cram in order to finish all the papers needed in order to pass the subject...

I just wish that the teachers pity us or shower us with some positive reinforcements... I think I'm going crazy with my course..

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

No More Tears (Enough is Enough)

*All Thoughts entered my mind while listening to Diana De Garmo's version of the song

Whew... that was really a long long time away from my blog... I was so busy the whole week doing articles and doing papers for my subjects. Finals week is approaching and It's crunch time. I'm really slowly losing sleeping over the different things I need to do.

I can't post anything substantial as of the moment...

Oooh wait, last Saturday, I went to Malate with several of my classmates from High school and partied. I'm really angsty and anxious regarding meeting several of my high school mates... hmmm... I'm just really not confident about the things about me and them... but what the heck, I did it for one of my friends, Jamia who has left for the United States last Tuesday. So, I just went to Kristy's place and met them there. Bob, our former cat officer really looked still hot and Demi, got really buff.. The gals all transformed to ladies especially Jemimah who is still the classy act, and Jamia and Kristy and Joey and Anna Lynn... Basically, it was really a fun night because we all got the chance to touch bases with each other, learn the latest about each other's lives and rekindle friendships... aaaah... (1 - 100)

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