Saturday, July 31, 2004

And I'm Telling You... I'm not going

* all thoughts entered my mind while listening to Regine Velasquez' version of this song

I'm currently sitting here in my room just letting the time pass before it's gonna be Star in A Million. I just got home from my last class in International Studies for the term. International Studies has been really one of my most favorite subjects this term. The professor is so uber-cool and so unconventional and really, realyl witty. I think I learned a lot from her and it's really a pity that classes have to end early because she's leaving for Singapore this coming week because of her work. I've been such a goods tudent to her and done all the required readings (it's not very thick) and completed my weekly reports. Now, I'll be just waiting for the 4.0 in my Course card.

Second thing that I would like to articulate is that my groupmate and I are currently in a snag regarding our article regarding novelty songs. Thje first and 2nd drafts are already due this Monday yet, we're still in the process of finding the list for our contacts and resource persons. We've already interviewed the professors which might shed light on the topic but it isn't enough.

Third thing that's been bugging me is that I'm going to meet several of my batchmates this night... Have I changed for the better? What could be their comments... Frankly, am scared...

Thursday, July 29, 2004

* I just hate this certain person, Gene Atanacio. I wish that I could kill him, or just run a samurai through his heart or even just let him be poisoned or be stricken by a car. He's so annoyin to the nth level, an insufferable knowit-all who has a very big ego. he's irritating and he really gets into the nerves with his incessant nonsense chatter. He often parades himself that he is an intellectual but is quite the reverse. But, what really annoys me is that the rumors spreading...
Ok, let me talk about what really happened... When I was in my frosh days and chatting has been the way of my life, I chatted with Gene. Things at first are quite okey since we never have met and we decided to meet or have an eyeball in Rob Place. But, when I saw him, it was really despicable and a feeling of hatred just surged into my body and I know that we would never click it off. So, I said goodbye to him excusing myself that I need to buy something else in National Bookstore. So I left him, but he kept on following me... He even followed me to the cinema. While watching the movie, he suggested that we do it, I mean have sex with him. I staunchly refused because I was really not attracted to him plus his attitude really annoys me to the nth level. So I just left him alone. He latter resurfaced in my life when I found out that he's also a History Major and latter when I became a correspondent for Ang Pahayagang Plaridel... What really makes my blood crawl are the stupid rumors that were circulating regarding him and me, that we had a seb... I mean for Chrissakes, I don't know who circulated that fucking rumor and It was really, really degrading for me since I know that it isn't true and it's unfair to me since I'm just minding my own business being a dilligent student and all that. I think he was the one behind in circulating this fucking rumor. Man, I'd like to kill him...
Fuck him !

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

* all thoughts entered my mind while listening to Nyco Maca's version of Fever
*I'm currently doing lots of things. Hence, I wasn't able to blog my heart out the past weekend. I was in school the whole day last Saturday for my International Studies class and Research project presentation and defense which worked out really well because we got a 99 out of a possible 100 for the presentation of our paper where we discussed and analyzed four films, The Mission, The Sum of All Fears, Black Hawk Down and No Man's Land and criticized it using International Elements and Post-structuralism. We used Derrida's double reading as our main thrust and Foucault's theory on Truth as our framework. I could envision the 4.0 in the Course card... hehehe...
* There has been a resurgence in activity in my academic life... As crunch time approaches, professors are piling us with book reviews, reports, synopsis of plays and almost every thing immaginable. Plus, it's gonna be our Press Week next week for Ang Pahayagang Plaridel. We were in the course of getting our resource persons ready and doing the outlines and other things... I just love the pressure...
* I'm semi-attached to Josh now. There has been a clause of exclusivity in our relationship but we aren't lovers yet.. We're just fuckbuddies.. Hmmm.. but, I think the intensity and the passion and the liking is there. We're currently searching for just that proper time and spark to further engulf us...
* I'm currently dissociating myself from several of my organizations and responsibilities. I figured out that I really need to focus and develop my journalism skills because it has been a little bit rusty. Rather than be a mediocre jack-of-all trades, i'd rather focus on honing my writing skills because being a good writer is such an advantage in the future especially in the professions which I like to master such as having a History M.A. and as a high school/college instructor. I just feel fulfillment when I'm writing. Plus, I just get tired of all the org thingies because you have to deal with fake and untrue people who just likes to get the hang out of you then screw you.
* I just miss the ODDERS, the group which I belong. I just miss the dynamism and all the wacky and good times... I miss contingents...

Get Busy

Really, really, really busy... Press Week next week, Articles due, Film reviews, book reviews and papers... more later

Friday, July 23, 2004

I Can Love You Like That
*all thoughts entered my mind while listening to George Huff's version of I Can Love You Like That
Yesterday has got to be one of the happiest days of my life. It first started when I found out that I have no LITERA2 class. I love literature, and I really loved reading as most of the people could profess to my prolific and almost insane thirst to read but this subject really turns me off. The professor in this subject is Japanese, thus the language barrier problem which really turned me off regarding the subject. Plus, he's assigned us to read this really, really dull and boring book, The Temple of the Golden Pavillion by Mishima. I really did not feel the intense drive to read and understand this book. I envy Shels because they are currently discussing one of my most favorite books, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and I'm mighty envious... Good thing Mr. Hisanori, our Professor left for Singapore in an emergency and I was really elated because I don't have to spend 1 1/2 hours listening to a monotone and drone of his voice. Another happy thing that happened to me is that Ang Pahayagang Plaridel was released and it was really a great feeling seeing your name written in the byline... Mighty happy for that one.
The whole afternoon and evening seemes to pass in a daze because the friends whom I was so close with during our block has organized a mini-party for me and the other July celebrants. We had dinner in Providence and we all had a great time singing our hearts out. I really felt happy because the people whom I value so much during college were all there, Melanie, Yeye, and the others... so mighty happy for that one...
Last happy thing that happened is that I've got a phone call from Josh and we have a long discussion over the phone (thank god for extensions) and I confessed that I'm feeling something deeper to him and we talked and talked up to the wee hours of the morning. I really feel an inkling towards him... oh well...  I guess that's what life is for...
Currenlty, I'm buried in work. The pressure of the ending term is slowly getting into me. Got to start doing things early so as not to cram. I'm not gonna procrastinate and that's a promise I intend to keep.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Get on Your Feet...
* all thoughts entered my mind while listening to Fantasia Barrino's version of Get on Your Feet...
*I think that I'm losing all my friends in college. All of the people whom I feel so close with during our block days have all drifted away from me and I don't know the reason.  I thought that our block-kada will last eventhough I knew that most of them are gonna shift out to different colleges and pursuing other fields of endeavor rather than education or teaching. I thought that the bond we had was strong, they were my confidante and I'm their ever reliable friend. Now, I feel like I'm being trashed or just plain ignored by this so callef friends of mine. I know that they do get busy in their endeavors, organizations or anything but kindly say it to me rather than be ignored. That's one of my hatest things to happen to me, to be ignored by a bunch of people whom I trusted and befriended, it's like being stabbed in the back... So I asked myself whether I'm a good friend... My friends Mikee and Shella both said that I am... but I'm not really sure about twhat is the real situation....
*Fucking Elwyn is so stupid... I hate this person... So damn full of himself... So You got yourself a new "boyfriend" and he's parading his catch ... so what?? I don't care and I could not believe that I fell in love with a despicable person... Oh well I guess love is such a crazy emotion that one acts blind and sees a very imperfect person as a paragon... tsk tsk tsk...
*I can't wait for the "Ang Pahayagang Plaridel" to come out... Eventhough it's just a somewhat short article, am proud of it because finally, the fruits of my labors in the fields of  journalism has finally been picked... And I'm proud of it because I have done the bulk of researching and interviewing and I did the first and fourth drafts... mightily happy...
*Currently, I'm in a chatting mode. I'm back in the old ways, seb's and eb's... I guess I really needed time to rebound... I've had met someone who is really, really fitting to become a lover, a potential boyfriend.. He's Josh, a graduate studies student in UP Manila taking up Microbiology... Very, very intellectual... Also good in bed... very much good in bed that I could say... I would say that he really has left a lasting impression in me aftter we have met and done our thing... We still maintain constant communication thanks to the wonders of the Yahoo! Messenger which thankfully is installed in the Ang Pahayagang Plaridel Office. We're going on our second date tomorrow and I think it would be a great step in becoming future buddies... Catch is, that he's older than me... but what the hell... Screw the age...
*TAR 5 Update: Jim and Marsha got the boot in the 3rd eppy of the Amazing Race. A critical flight error has caused their team to trail the entire leg of the race. Colin and Christie zoomed into Number 1 while cousins Charla and Mirna were stable at number 2. Brandon and Nicole dropped into number 3. Lance and Marshall brought up the rear.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I Hate Mediocrity...
If there's one thing I hate about life, it's the mediocrity of the people around me. I just can't stand mediocre people. I don't believe that anyone is mediocre, i believe that one is just lazy or just plain too dumb to exert the best in one's endeavors. I just can't stand it and I somewhat feel saddened by mediocrity. What the heck am I saying? I just would like to share about this certain classmate of mine in History classes who is so damn mediocre that I just can't stand him. Let's call him Shitty. Shitty often is present in classes, always there before the teacher arrives in the room. But, Shitty I think is all so enamored with attendance that he isn't doing anything during the whole class. He doesn't do his assignment, doesn't read the required readings and often relies on the more intelligent ones on the bunch for information. I have nothing against this but what really pains me in the ass is that the basic knowledge that one should have gathered or at least known before majoring is not known by this dork. How could one proceed in majoring in a subject on which you know absolutely nothing... Damn... mediocre...

Friday, July 16, 2004

Star in A Million
Tomorrow, will be the start of the Battle of the Champions for Star in A Million, the local version of American Idol. Actually, I think it's about time that they stage the competition of the Finals this time. The show has undergone several major bumps in the last few months. I think the Star in a Million that we're watching is a transition phase. Oh well, first the introduction of the text votes and the Live performances... oh well, what I really would like to do is comment on the Eight (or should I just count it as Seven finalists, discounting that mediocre one...)
so without futher adieu, here's my critique and analysis of the Finalists of Star in A Million.

OJ Mariano, the Versatile Crooner
OJ's the first finalist of Star in a Million season 2. Here's his song repertoire: Overjoyed, Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin, Wildflower and Take me Out of the Dark. What I like abput OJ is that his voice has that soothing tone which is very unique, and has his own style. He interprets his song in his own way and oftentimes, he succeeds in his efforts. He also has this soothing "hagod" in him plus the artful way of using "melissimas" throughout the song. However, OJ may become the victim of the vicious 50% text votes.
Shanna Hife, the Whistling Diva.
Shanna follows OJ and won over Jasmine Fitzgerald and TJ Angeles on the month of August. Her song list includes Loving You (with the head tone), I Still Believe, I Love You and her winning piece, Paano Na. The main weapon of Shanna is her head tone and whistle which she'll definitely use to her advantage in the finals. She also has a tasteful use of that whistle. She has I think the highest range among the girls of Season 2. Overall, she's quite okey in all aspects. However, Shanna hasn't experienced the 50% text votes and her lack of fanbase might cause her dreams of becoming the next Star in A Million.
Eman Omaga, thePop Prince  
Eman is the Star in A Million for the month of March edging out Rabbi Gannaban and Jennifer Bautista. He sang End of the Road, Rock With You, Kahit Kailan and Maria, Maria. I think Eman has the highest falsetto voice among the guy competitors. He also has this r&b groove and tone in him which is very in. He also has the edge when it comes to singing dance hits and tunes because he could easily shift into that grind. However, same problem with OJ and Shanna, he hasn't experienced the text votes, plus he was not the texter's choice for their month.,
Nyco Maca, the Soul Sister
Nyco emerged as the winner of the Star in A Million for May in the process defeating Charlotte Gaisser and Jeff Sanchez. She sang A Woman's Worth, Officially Missing You, Bohemian Rhapsody and Fever throughout the whole month. She has a huge fanbase, she is the texter's choice for their month, she also performs very confidently. She also has this unique r&b/soul/jazz tone in her which is very unique especially when compared to the local singers. She has the spunk too. Problem with her is the text votes... Her fanbase last April may have split and support the other finalists.
Michael Cruz, the Rock Idol
Michael Cruz tied with Frenchie in the only tie for the Star in A Million for May. He sang Wherever You Will Go, Smooth and My Sacrifice throughout the competition. Things I like about Michael; he's gay, has this rocker image within him that's very unique and it's such a refreshing break to see a rocker dude enter the grand finals of a competition, thus breaking the mold of the Balladeers and Divas which usually battle it out in the Finals night. Has a very Huge fanbase too.. Negative thing about him is that his rocker image may soon put him into a box, thus making him not break from the image... He could not show his versatility... and one of the factors that I look for in a singer is versatility... oh well...
Frenchie Dy, the Power Belter
Frenchie tied with Michael for being the Star in A Million for the month of May. Her song list includes R-e-S-p-E-c-T, On the Wings of Love and And I'm Telling You I'm not going. I think Ms. Dy wins the aspect as to who could sustain and belt out the high notes. She also has this unique soul tune in her voice especially when she sang Respect. She really sounded like Aretha Franklin. I can't find a fault in Frenchie's singing but I think that a factor that could lead to her downfall is the lack of support in text votes...
Ralph David
I can't find anything positive to say about him and i don't wanna be so negative... and get started on ranting over him.
Jasmine Fitzgerald aka The Wild Card
Jasmine won over Sandy David, Charlotte Gaisser, Marianne Santiago and Myles Quiambao for the final seat in the championship of SIAM. She sang On My Own, How Do I Live, Colors of the Wind and A Moment Like This for her February stint and rehashed Colors of the Wind for her Wildcard round. She's beautiful, has a nice vibrant tone in her... and she's beautiful and definitely fits the Star... However, I think she's quite untrained yet for this competition... But anyway, I think she'll perform decently...
Chopping Order According to Preference
1.) Frenchie Dy vs. Nyco Maca in the Final Showdown
2.) OJ Mariano in the Final three showdown
3.) Shanna Hife
4.) Michael Cruz
5.) Jasmine Fitzgerald
6.) Eman Omaga
7.) Ralph David... 1st to be burned and eliminated

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Amazing Race 5 Returns

Last week, the 5th installment of the Fastest reality tv show in the world, The Amazing Race premiered... And being the avid fan of the reality tv show, here's my assessment on the 11 teams battling it out for the Prize plum of 1 million dollars. What makes this race exciting are the dozen of spoilers regarding the route of the Race which really bypassed most of the parts of Europe and it has two pitstops here in the Philippines reportedly one in Manila-Pasay area(the Coconut Palace) and one in Palawan (Lagon Island resort)... So without much adieu, here is my analysis of the teams of the Amazing Race...

Updates on the Race:
Alison and Donny were eliminated yesterday after being stucked in the back of the pack all throughout the Race... Pit stop was in Buenos Aires, Argentina... Last week, Dennis and Erika were eliminated after arriving last in the Pit Stop in Punta Balena, Uruguay

aka The Bitch and the Jerk:

I was severely disappointed when this team got eliminated yesterday. I think they suffered the same fate that Amanda and Chris has suffered last season. Alison's quite a bitch alright, and Donny turned out to be pretty vocal too... Really really had that sense of deja vu of Amanda and Chris somewhat bordering in Millie and Chuck... But as a team, they were pretty stupid. After doing that Perro detour yesterday, they should have opted to take the taxi rather than take the bus. It lost them ample time. They were just pretty stupid I guess... there goes Donny... I think Donny's hot though...

aka The Geezers...

The Internet dating Couple... Met online... maybe they'd meet via a sex channel lolz.... joke only... but Bob and Joyce proved very, very, very, very competitive in the first two episodes. I thought that their age would have slowed them down but they really were smart in making decisions and following clues.. I have to give them credit for that, but I think that luck would run out of this pair... or is it just me wishing that they get eliminated...

aka The Models

The christian Models... Nicole was former Ms. Texas... hmm... what could I say... I like this team despite the editing of the race. Youn could see that Nicole is controlling the team not Brandon. Brandon is there to provide the brawn. I just didn't like Brandon last eppy where he decided to walk rather than grab a cab towards the port after arriving at the marker in Punta del Este. oh well... but, they really look cute together... and I'm really partial to eye-candies...

aka The Midget and the Whiner

I really have to give the props to Charla. Despite her size, she really proved herself to be quite a strong and fierce competitor. I hate Mirna because of that whining attitude of hers especially when they carried that beef from the Meat Plant towards the Meat store in Uruguay. But what I like about this team is that they got SPUNK! Charla has this never-say-die attitude and they're somewhat smarter and provided the laugh trips and humorous quips especially for this week's eppy regarding the Prostitute.. hahaha...But, a thing I'm not liking about them is that they have to keep on reiterating that she's a midget and stuff like that... somewhat annoying especially if done in a repetitive manner.

The African-Americans

I think Chip is really competitive up to the point that he's willing to play a cutthroat competition in order for him and Kim to advance in this leg and I'm not liking it. Kim is attractive for an African-American... kinda meh for me...

The Models part 2

I love this team ! Both of them are extreme eye candies. Colin is a cross between Barry Watson and Kieffer Sutherland while Christie looks really a Miss America... What can i say, Colin has a temper, Christie proved to be able to hold down her own. Somewhat less airtime... but, I think this team is going far in this race. They are all making good moves and although they are not leading the race and somewhat in the middle of the pack, you could see that the decisions they made are smart ones... I think they're gonna start making moves in the coming episodes

aka Fox Mulder and Heidi Strobel

Dennis has this eerie resemblance to Fox Mulder(David Duchovny of the X-FIles)while Erika has this resemblance to Survivor Amazon bombshell Heidi Strobel... I just felt sad that they were the 1st one to be booted off the race. In fact, before the race started, they are in the top 3 teams to beat for me... Oh well.. Dennis' "good guy image" did not do them any good as they were eliminated.... Oh well, but despite the short stint, they prove to be quite ok.

aka Dad and NFL daughter-cheerleader-bitch

Jim proved to be quite sturdy. After that incident in Santa Monica Bay where he banged his knees on that nail, his sturdyness did not wavered and endured that leg of the race despite finishing last. And in this week's eppy, they placed 3rd after BRandon and Nicole and Charla and Mirna. Strong will... Marsha's another story. She's a bitch and i'm liking her... She screwed up the Cousins last week and has been very bitchy at times... Has spunk.. sentimental favorite

aka Kelly Goldsmith Twins

Kami and Karli.. the Kelly Goldsmith clones... Things I like about them, Pretty competitive.... Pretty much athletic... Pretty much Alpha Female in them... Negative thing about them... Sometimes, too stupid to think of solutions... Demonstrated last week where they endured going up and down the dock searching for the clue box and then dashing towards the hotel without picking up the clue from the clue box outside the street. But, I like them.

aka The Bowling Moms

Really, really impressed with this team. I thought they would suffer the same faith as Gina and Sylvia in the Amazing Race 3 and get eliminated... But they're proving themselves that they are strong competitors and are a force to reckon with in the race... Very much intelligent...

aka Brother Act

Don't like them both.. They aren't funny like the brothers of Amazing Race 3. Pretty much arrogant especially when they commented on the stupidity of the "oreigners" in Uruguay. I'd like to punch them both when they said that... Heller, YOU ARE THE FOREIGNERS in URUGUAY !!! mighty stupid... i'd like them to get the boot next week

Temporary Insanity

After the flurry of activity which really tied me up last week, I'm currently experiencing a temporary lull in activity. So many events have happened in the past week which really occupied my attention, thus making me somewhat become more tired and harried. The Press Week in Ang Pahayagang Plaridel for the article, the four major revisions that the article has to undergo, the two 300 pages books for my history classes which I have tediously read word for word so as to make a very good book review about it, my report in European History regarding the Rise of Nationalism and the Downfall of the Monarchies in Europe, I'm experiencing a lull. I currently have lots of free time in my schedule, and I think I'm missing all the excitement and pressure that I just undertook. I'm currently rereading The Runaway Jury by John Grisham for the nth time, I just spend my afternoon break in Rob Place driving my way to the finish line in the arcades and beating other people in the arcades, and I currently am searching for seb's as of the moment.... And all this things have become somewhat boring to me... don't misunderstand me, I enjoy my time doing all this activities, I get satisfaction from doing all this stuff, But sometimes, I can't help but contemplate that my free time is so huge and all the excitement that I get from the activity that I'm doing or engaging upon is just temporal or fleeting... Oh well... I just hope that I'm going to find some activity to relieve me from this temporary lull that I'm experiencing... Maybe, I'd engage in another relationship or for fun, have a pseudo-relationship, but I guess it's just not me... Maybe I'd engage myself in the clubs that I joined but I can't stand being with those arrogant pricks and bitches.. AAAH... help..

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

POst-Birthday Post

Finally, another year has been added... Once again, July 13 came and ended... My birthday, it seemed quite okey. I thought that I would not receive any greetings since I'm practically a no-body at school. The block, they're all gone and drifted apart while some of my friends are not present in class yesterday. I woke up alone in our house without anyone muttering that it's my birthday. I just felt sad yesterday... Oh well... I'm writing very incoherently... just plain tired...

Anyway, things I would like to do before my next birthday comes

1.) Finally be doing my thesis in economics roughly this time around.
2.) Be able to write several good articles for the Ang Pahayagang Plaridel
3.) FInish my remaining academic stay in DLSU with no more failures
4.) Finally have a stable relationship with a MAN who doesn't cheat
5.) Move into a pad or just a mini room, away from my family and live independently
6.) Be the next BNK editor for Ang Pahayagang Plaridel
7.) Change in attitude regarding classes and contingents
8.) Never say a cuss word for a month.
9.) Finally finish Tekken 4
10.) Living life to the fullest... and doing things which I like and which I will not regret

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Happy Birthday

Hahaha... finally, it's my birthday...

just plain happy... and euphoric and drunk... more thoughts tomorrow

Friday, July 09, 2004


Despite this busy week, I still manage to have some wild, raunchy and uninhibited sex. Last Tuesday, I've had sex with this cute hunk from College of Saint Benilde, Miguel in his pad in Providence. I was just chatting during my long break from classes and was really feeling horny that moment because I was surfing the net and browsing at Seancody's site in our pc in at house when I found out that this certain cute and real hunky boy-next-door hunk top has gone bottom... that really got me aroused and I began posting in the chatrooms... Then, he macked me and the usual asl/stats and the different things were exchanged before finally agreeing on doing it in his pad. He's versatile and he's really hot with his abs and his whole thing but what made this seb somewhat different from the others is that I've tried something different this time. I used poppers... Poppers are certain types of chemicals which could be inhaled to induce a nice feeling and lessen the tension of muscles... God, that sex was hot because I really felt horny and when he entered me, the feeling of pain was lost, there is no friction caused but I was really horny the whole time... But, after the whole raunchy sex, I was really feeling sore all over... I guess the strength of poppers is that it totally removes the pain from your muscles during that period of sexual activity but after that, man, it really made me sore... PLus, the usage of poppers when we had sex eradicated that pinch of pain which makes the whole sex for me intimate and somewhat real... Oh well... anyway, in life, one has to experience everything, but I don't think I liked what have experienced using poppers.

Busy Week

I totally missed blogging. This past week seems like somewhat hellish for me. It's my first press week in Ang Pahayagang Plaridel and I think I'm not doing good. Our article has undergone several major revisions and I'm currently working my ass off so as to finish the article... It's on its 4th draft and it already passed muster of our Buhay at Kultura editor and now is currently being edited by the associate editor. I'm hoping that there would only be minor revisions in the article. But, come what may, I could say that I'm quite proud of this article, eventhough it is not as good as I wanted it to be. I guess it is a nice start for me to start writing again because I know that my journalist style of writing has gotten quite a little bit of rusty since it's been years since I've last written an article... oh well..

Yesterday, just had our Midterm Examinations in Eastern Asian History and I was pretty much surprised on how easy the test was. oh well.. But i guess next MOnday is my hell day since for the 3 subjects i have on that day, I will be doing tests or going to submit something... It will be our midterm examinations for International Studies, my INdividual report for Modern European History and the deadline of the book reports for my Philippine Nationalism class... god I hope that I get through that day...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

It Ain't Goodbye

Last Saturday, I attended the despidida party of the ever fabulous, unique and very dynamic, Doc Rommel. I really had a good time last Saturday because I have seen several people whom I barely see in contingents like Boccelli and Jagard and I also met Papu Masq and his man and Prof. Goonie. The booze was overflowing and the people are all smiling but there's this certain tinge of sadness in the group when we finally had the moment to contemplate the reason why we converge. It's a tradition among the ODDERS to converge in someone's pad or in a bar to talk and laugh and make jokes and fun with each other. But, Saturday's contingent is very special and will all have a great impact to the ODDERWORLD. Doc Rommel is leaving... Doc Rommel is leaving this coming Friday. When I first heard the news that he's leaving for the United States when I started going to contingents, I just shrugged it off. I know that DOc Rommel will always be there next contingents, calling up people, setting the rendezvous time and place and essentially being the core of the ODDERS. But, I guess last Saturday's contingent solidifies the fact that it will be a long time since we're gonna hear Doc Rommel calling contingents again, a long time to hear his very sarcastic comments which cuts to the core, along time before seeing him again in the flesh... But I guess in life, there are times when someone has to make that penultimate decision in order to find fulfillment...

Doc, It ain't goodbye, You're just going to another locale, another set of experiences... I'm here for you no matter what... And you're still the ever fabulous person... Promise, ODDERWORLD won't fail you..

The Bitch

I guess in every organization there's always someone to make your life a bit interesting, or forget the euphemisim, make ur life a little bit hellish... This is what I have learned while doing my article in Plaridel. There's this certain bitch who goes by the name CY who just irritates the hell out of me... Call it hate at the first sight, call it anyterm you want but I guess there are always and will always be people out there to just make your ife interesting... We've had our first encounter last week when I found out that she's my partner... She immediately began bossing me around saying that I should do all the interviewing and she'll just furnish the drafts... Being an older member of Ang Pahayagang Plaridel doesn't give her any right to boss me around since I'm her senior by 2 years when it comes to rank. Now, she's still in that silly delusion of her thinking that her name will end up besides me in the by-line. Dream on Sister, It won't happen...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I Have Nothing...

*all thoughts entered my mind while hearing the song I Have Nothing version of Jennifer Hudson

i currently don't like what's happening in my life. I feel this sense of discontentment rising within me. There's always something missing with me. I just feel ignored and shoved away by the people who I thought has a feeling for me...


I always have nothing... Eversince I'm a child, I have always been neglected and somewhat relegated to a not-so-good position... I always am look-over when it comes to preferences coz I'm just the middle child... that's why I always try to be different and explosive when it comes to personality,and attitudes, but alas, my family doesn't understand me about anything... They just think that I'm a freak... (1 - 100)

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