Friday, April 30, 2004

American Idol update

Finally, after Jen Hudson's untimely exit, JOhn Stevens was booted off the competition after singing "Music of My Heart" by Gloria Estefan... Now, there are only five people remaining and they are

Diana De Garmo--->

<---Fantasia Barrino

George Huff--->

<---Jasmine Trias


La Toya London--->

UP to the present, everyone has been in the bottom 3... Therefore, we can't predict who will win this whole thing... the tension and excitement is really in the air... It's quite such a nice thing that Jasmine is still in the fight... my top 3 are Fantasia, Jasmine and La Toya... but i really, really love them all... this is for the top 12 of the American Idol 3rd installment

Friday Haze...

I really feel like I'm caught in a haze or something. I can't finish all that I'm doing... All I think about is meeting Elwyn again after his vacation and having some nice intimate fun with him...damnit... I think I'm turning into a sex machine.. All i want is just to have sex and sex and sex... damnit... and the funny thing is that I just keep on making weird sexual comments and innuendoes during our lessons that my friends have branded me as either drunk or high in drugs or something... such a weird, weird day... funny thing, almost all of us are in such a sex-crazed mood... It all started in the break before our Social Philosophy subject where everyone of us sort of just bonded and talked and talked about sex... yikes... is all i could say....

however, the bonding session provided me with some information about them. It just made me feel so connected with them. It's because they understand and undergo certain problems that I have already passed through and they also have underwent several problems which are bugging me right now... aaah nice to know that eventhough i'm a homosexual and they are hetero, there's this sense of connection still...

Silas Gaither update

hmmm... the pics i've posted are not working... maybe i'll link the sites and let the other guys handle it...

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Thursday Nostalgia

Anniversary which will never happen.. Today should be the anniversary of Marlon and Henry… but alas, due to fuckwittage, it will never happen

Call from Philadelphia...

It has been such a long week since my friend and fuckbuddy Elwyn has left the country for a vacation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ever since his departure, I've been pretty much depressed. It's because it will be quite a long time before we're gonna see each other again. After being almost inseperable since March, I have to endure almost a month of being separated from him. Aside from the usual sex which ensued everytime we meet, I pretty much missed the silly conversations that we had, the after sex cuddling, the discussions in history, the discussions in economics and basically, all things under the sun. I think I found my kindred spirit in him: from being simply a homosexual, to being a fan of reality TV, to being a sucker for dramas (we both cried after reading A Walk To Remember and after watching Moulin Rouge) and basically, my need for sex. He has pretty much understood me in a way... I even think Elwyn understands me better rather than Marlon.

Just got a call yesterday from him, saying that he was fine, he's okey, he's having fun and that he misses me... That brightened me up a lot... But I sincerely wish that he could come back home and lie by my side and whisper sweet nothings... or just have a coffee break or slurpee break in 7-11 and discourse about historiography and stuff like that... I just feel that my sense of connection with him is a hell lot of stronger than that of Marlon....

Silas Gaither

It just started as a tribute but it certainly caused a lot of brouhaha over the ODDERS. Just found out that many ODDERs also like him a lot... So... I've decided to make a post about him... He was first seen in the 3rd installment of the Survivor Series, Survivor Africa. He was born in the town of Germantown, Tennessee in the 28th of January, 1978. He later transferred to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. For his filmography, he has been in the movie Anger Management and in an upcoming movie, The Hillz(although I doubt if it's gonna be shown here). However, it could be noted that Silas Gaither was voted as the MOST SEXIEST MALE SURVIVOR in US Weekly and in a survey done by CBS.... man... also, there are certain porn pics (although I'm gonna research whether it's true or fake) of Silas.... so for fans of Mr. Gaither here goes...

BookS; currently rereading The Hobbit then planning to launch into the Lord of the Rings Trilogy… just watched yesterday ROTK and was again engrossed by Legolas
Song of the Moment;Officially Missing You by Tamia. This I dedicate to Elwyn…

Officially Missing You

[Verse One]
All I hear is raindrops
Falling on the rooftop
Oh baby tell me why'd you have to go
Cause this pain I feel
It wont go away
And today I'm officially missing you
I thought that from this heartache
I could escape
But I fronted long enough to know
There ain't no way
And today
I'm officially missing you

Oh can't nobody do it like you
Said every little thing you do
Hey baby say it stays on my mind
And I, I'm officially

[Verse Two]
All I do is lay around
Two ears full tears
From looking at your face on the wall
Just a week ago you were my baby
Now I don't even know you at all
I don't know you at all
Well I wish that you would call me right now
So that I could get through to you somehow
But I guess it's safe to say baby safe to say
That I'm officially missing you


Well I thought I could just get over you baby
But I see that's something I just can't do
From the way you would hold me
To the sweet things you told me
I just can't find a way
To let go of you


It official
You know that I'm missing you
Yeah yes
All I hear is raindrops
And I'm officially missing you

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tuesday's Log

the Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels are the latest and the youngest in the Philippine Literary scene. The medium is a combination of the story and the plot twists of a novel and the illustrations provided by the komiks. I personally think that it's about time that this new kind of genre is born. Both the local komiks and the novels have both its advantages and disadvantages. The komiks has this negative image that it's just for children and most of the adults are just negating the fact that the komiks is quite an effective medium in helping us to be quite aware of all the current going-ons in the country. Most comic book series such as Pol Medina's Pugad Baboy and Simo, Mang Ambo and Pupung all discuss humor and wit to provide the readers a sarcastic parody of the different events, and different dynamic personalities and celebrities that rock and in some way are important to the awareness of the people in the development of the nation.

On the other hand, the Filipino novel is suffering quite a mellow down because many Filipinos tend to equate novels to the different romance pocketbooks which one founds in the sidewalks of the streets. Also, there are few novels which are being produced in the Philippines which talk about an entirely different thing... Plus, many people who are visually-oriented are discouraged from reading because novels doesn't contain any pictures. Hence, the inevitable merge of the komiks and the novels to produce the graphic novels.

Several people have led in producing the graphic novel. Notable among them are Arnold Arre which has already produced Mythology Class and After Eden and Carlo Vergara which has produced Ang Mga Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah and edited the latest addition which is titled Siglo: Freedom.

After Eden by Arnold Arre

After Eden is a love story about Jon and Celine set in the current times. What i see in the plot is quite simple. Two childhood sweethearts found themselves again. Everything goes on smoothly up to the point when their relationship was meddled on by their best friends in order for them to separate. Well... the ending is quite happy... all of them pair off... However, there's this certain element of the angels and the devils which are quite the factors which influence the union. The drawing was done in a manner which does not necessarily reflect the manga style of drawing although there are certain instances in which Arre has used the manga style of drawing

Siglo:Freedom edited by Carlo Vergara

Siglo: Freedom is a rather ambitious project because it's multi-disciplinary: the graphic novel celebrates the intertwining of history and literature forms. Siglo: Freedom consists of vignettes about the different things that happened in the life of the Filipinos in the last century. The entire period encompassed from 1900's to the 2000's. The different vignettes also happened in the different places in the country. The next few lines will be about the description of the chapters of the graphic novel...

1st part: Jolo, 1903. Here, the topic of the implementation of the Public School system and the effects of English are discussed and seen in the context of a child living in Mindanao.
2nd part: Negros Occidental, shows and satirizes the illusion of a man to aspire for public office.
3rd part: Cebu. In this part, the underlying issue of the Guerillas and the American Resistance groups are tackled and further emphasized.
4th part: San Dig, This part chronicles the life of being a "Makapili" and how he died as a hero....
5th part: Chinatown, The theme of Pre-arranged Marriages(this theme is really close to my heart because of what happened to me and my ex MArlon)
6th part: Baguio, The anticipation of the child is being shadowed by the future repercussions of development
7th part: Batangas, The breaking of the son from the domineering clutches of the family especially his father
8th part: Negros Occidental, Tackles the unwitting and somewhat delicate friendship of a haciendero and a kasama's son...
9th part: Pasig, The issue of escapism to a modern, make-believe world is tackled here with a touch of a love story
10th part: Manila, The saga of living life the modern-way....

I think this graphic novel is a must for the people who delve in history or for those who simply want to understand the concept and the different problems that led to the current Filipino...

All in all, Siglo: Freedom and After Eden are quite strong works for a relatively new genre... Hope to see more future works to further tackle and excite the insatiable book worms like me...

Summer Galore Dilemma

My college blockmates are gonna be holding our summer breakaway May 20-21... The Odders are gonna be having theirs in May 21-23... how could i possibly go to both.... hmmm... just hoping that the ODDERS getaway are scheduled to leave Manial in the afternoon or in the evening...

Song of the Moment:You Make Me Feel Brand New... I really, really like this song. My classmates and I can't seem to get enough of singing this song... to the people who care for me... and for the people i love and who loves me... this song is for you...

My love
I'll never find the words, my love
To tell you how I feel, my love
Mere words could not explain
Precious love
You held my life within your hands
Created everything I am
Taught me how to live again

Only you
Cared when I needed a friend
Believed in me through thick and thin
This song is for you
Filled with gratitude and love

God bless you
You make me feel brand new
For God blessed me with you
You make me feel brand new
I sing this song 'cause you
Make me feel brand new

My love
Whenever I was insecure
You built me up and made me sure
You gave my pride back to me
Precious friend
With you I'll always have a friend
You're someone who I can depend
To walk a path that never ends

Without you
My life has no meaning or rhyme
Like notes to a song out of time
How can I repay
You for having faith in me
God bless you
You make me feel brand new
For God blessed me with you
You make me feel brand new
I sing this song 'cause you
Make me feel brand new

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Survivor Hunks

Lately I've run out of topics to write upon. I've pretty much has hit upon a writer's block and i'm sure that I should get rid of it as much as I could because if ever I started going into that phase, i would stop updating my blog.

This post is a tribute to all the hot men which have graced the boob tube and starred in one of my fave reality TV shows which is Survivor. Being an avid fan of reality tv and an even fervent admirer of the male physique, hence the post.... I'm only chronicling the men since the 1st Survivor series which I have watched which is Survivor: the Australian Outback...

Colby Donaldson: Survivor Australian Outback and Survivor All Stars
Finish: Runner up(Outback) and 7th person voted off(All-Stars)

First in my list is Colby Donaldson. Colby is the Texan cowboy which I have loved in the Outback. He belonged in the Ogakor triben and later made it to the merge group, Barramundi. Besides being quite hunky and such a good face in reality tv, he is quite a great strategist and manipulator. With the help of eventual winner Tina Wesson, he has manipulated and voted off the former members of Kucha(the opposing tribe) and even played loverboy to the witchy Jerri Manthey which led eventually to the downfall of Jerri. After the Outback, Colby has once again come back to play Survivor in the All-Stars. He was with Mogo-Mogo. However, through Lex Van Den Berghe's and Jerri's manipulation, Colby was ousted out of the Mogo Mogo tribe and was the 7th person voted off the game....Still single... I think Colby is one of the great strategists which shone in each season... Great in mind games, mental strength and in physical challenges

Kel Gleason: Survivor Australian Outback
Finish: 2nd person voted off the Outback

Second on my list is the hunky US intelligence Captain, Kel Gleason. He's the second person voted off the Outback series. It all happened after the Ogakor tribe, under the bitchiness of Jerri Manthey has accused Kel of stealing in a can of beef jerky... With the distrust going in the Ogakor tribe, he was ousted out when Ogakor lost the Immunity Challenge. Physically strong, but kel possessed a quiet personality and played a lone wolf's game there. Hence the vote off from the tribe. Plus, I'm a real sucker for chinky-eyed fellows..

Ethan Zohn: Survivor Africa and Survivor All-Stars
Finish: Sole Survivor(Africa) and 8th person to exit(All-Stars)

Third on my list is the soccer player and eventual winner of Survivor Africa which is Ethan Zohn. Ethan's Jewish and really, really hairy in a way... He has this happy air around him and that nice smile. He has been such a fierce competitor in Africa and made a strong alliance with Lex and Big Tom which really has made him quite invincible... Really, really great player...and he's the nice guy in Africa. However, i think he has quite rode the coat tails of Lex but nevertheless, he wins... My love for Zohn grew in the All-stars where he has been targetted since day one and he really is cute with that greasy and grubby yellow shirt. Eventhough he exited after Colby, he has this distinction in him because he's the last winner to exit the game.

Silas Gaither: Survivor Africa
Finish:5th person to be voted off

Seriously speaking, the guy with the most beautiful body which I have seen in Survivor belongs to Silas. Silas is an Adonis.. that's for sure. Great body, the legs, the abs, everything within him makes me wanna just go all fired up. He's one of the leaders of the Samburu tribe and the leader of the Samburu brats. I think if he is not screwed up by the tribal switch, he has a great chance of winning it. tsk. tsk.. sad to see him to be voted off...

Gabriel Cade:Survivor Marquesas
Finish: 5th person to be voted off

He's lithe, quirky and funny. That's how I remember Gabriel Cade. Very much an easy going fellow until Rotu under the leadership of John Caroll has decided to let him go. He's quite good tv, however, i think he is not playing the game properly. He has been jolted back into reality only after Rotu lost it's 1st ever Immunity Challenge. Not a great mind player either... but cute enough to get in my list.

Rob Mariano: Survivor Marquesas and Survivor All-Stars
Finish: 7th person to be voted off; Pre-Jury Boot(Marquesas); still in the running(Survivor All Stars)

Boston Rob has this godfather image within him. I hate him in the Marquesas because their tribe almost got Pagonged by the dominant Rotu tribe, if not for the tribal switch, there would be no Maraamu left in the game. He has this strong and dominant personality in him that makes him very highly lovable or hateable. I think he's one of the players which are either hate him or love him. He has this brooding Latino looks with that sexy Boston accent. In the All-Stars installment, Rob has formed a love/alliance with Amber Brkich of the Outback and they pretty much controlled the uber powerful Chapera and still maintained the politics in the newly formed Chaboga Mogo tribe. Great strategist, strong alliance, strong mind set, strong mental game, strong in physical challenges....

Jed Hildebrand: Survivor Thailand
Finish: 5th person to be voted off

The most boring Survivor ever is Thailand and I've only picked one hottie. It's Jed Hildebrand. Strong in physical challenges but quite lazy around camp. thus, his exile from Sook Jai.

Daniel Lue: Survivor Amazon
Finish: 3rd person to be voted off

I'm really such a sucker for Chinese people. And i've got my fill or my lack for it when Daniel Lue was in the Amazons. Clearly a looker and with that abs. However, he's such a pain in the ass and has a poor work ethic around the camp. Eventhough he's strong, he performed quite poorly in the reward and Immunity challenges... thus, his impending vote... and his ouster from Tambaqui

Andrew Savage: Survivor Pearl Islands
Finish: 7th person to be voted off; Pre-Jury Boot

The hot daddy image/award goes to Andrew Savage of Pearl Islands. He's oozing with sex appeal, highly intellectual and has almost reengineered the comeback of the Morgan tribe against the almost impenetrable Drake tribe. He acted as the leader of the Morgan tribe. Quite strong in physical challenges and is very great with mind games and mental challenges. However, someone has a grudge in him and he was booted off right after the merge of Drake and Morgan where Balboa was found. Still the hot dad...

Ryan Opray: Pearl Islands
Finish: 8th person to be voted off; 1st member of the Jury

He's a Hugh Jackman-Robbie Williams cross. He has this deep-set eyes which are quite soulful and full of intrigue and mystery that I like him. He also has this body to carry on with that nice face. He and Andrew have a core alliance with Morgan. Strong in the physical challenges but he's mind game and mental strategy are kinda weak because he has to rely on Andrew for the support in decision making. After Andrew's boot, Ryan O's exit is inevitable...

Burton Roberts: Survivor Pearl Islands
Finish: 12th person voted out; 5th member of the Jury

Burton's quite hairy..... and i like him for being him. Such a hot hot fellow. Nice body built with that mat of hair in his chest. Has a chiselled torso and the abs. He's one of the pillars of Drake tribe along with Rupert and Shawn. Burton and Shawn have struck an alliance, however, the alliance was shattered by Drake's 1st defeat. After his exit, he was voted back into the game again and played meanly and shattered the power alliance of Rupert, Sandra and Christa and allied himself with Jon Dalton. Very, very strong in physical challenges, strong mental game and mind set, has this nice aura within him, has a very nice work ethic around both the Drake and Balboa camps... However, he was targeted after winning so many immunity and reward challenges... and led to his inevitable demise...

last but not the least....

Shawn Cohen: Survivor Pearl Islands
Finish: 6th person voted out

Shawn has this nice face with him. Plus, he has this big and strong torso and pecs which just wont quit. He has struck an alliance with Burton as the good looking alpha males of Drake but later back-stabbed Burton when Sandra and Christa lobbied for his support. Poor work ethic, Strong in physical challenges, not so strong in mind games... not a great strategist... and has quite a temper..

I think I've pretty much covered the Hunks of Survivor... maybe, i'll make a Survivor Babes version... damnit...


I'm quite sure that almost all people have been misunderstood or misinterpreted by a lot of people... It just pains me as much... damnit...

Popoy before Contingent and the contingent afterwards...

Last Saturday night, I have attended the graduation of fellow Odder Janssen which was held in Fairview, Quezon City... I was just minding my own business at around 3-4 in the afternoon when the email regarding the details of how to get to Janssen's place was emailed. I was at that time about to meet my batchmate-turned-sexmate at around 5. I made it a point to attend this contingent because it's been quite so long since I have seen the Odders and i miss their dynamic individualism and spirit. So I quickly hastened to meet my current sex-mate and had a quickie type of fun.... well, much quite of fun because we were disturbed by his father while we are approaching climax... but, the funny thing is instead of getting scared, my fuck you attitude surfaced again and we continued to do it despite the thrill of being caught...

Left the DLSU area around 7 and started the long long fx ride towards fairview which is i think is in the northern part of Quezon City. The ride was quite long and I'm just pretty pissed off with the music that the driver is playing which is like a combination of that stupid "Pamela" song and that Ocho-ocho of Bayani Agbayani. Passed off several notable landmarks until I've realized that I'm the only passenger left. Got in around 8:30 and started traversing the long dona carmen avenue. I was lost and I felt a lot frustrated because there isn't any willing soul to help me. Plus, I've been pretty much spooked by the desolate and grim nature which is usually find in subdivisions and villages. I was feeling pretty much desolate until I've hitched a ride and in rode Sonny. Then I know that I will be able to attend that contingent. Most of the ODDERS are there with several other people such as another ODDER, Julius and Sam/Zack, the man in Stolich's life. Pretty much went ok... But, there is tension in the air which I can't put a finger on....


Saturday, April 24, 2004

Reality TV2: Survivor All Stars and other topics...

Hiatus from Blogging:

Just took a sabbatical from blogging... just did not felt in the mood to write the last few days...

Reality TV Part 2: Survivor All-Stars

This is the second installment of my reality Tv Blog entry which I've wrote last April 16. The reality TV in focus is the 8th installment of the Survivor All-Stars. The Survivor All-Stars was taped in the Pearl Islands of Panama where the 7th installment was also filmed. 18 castaways from the original 7 seasons to compete again... Yesterday, my favorite castaway in the All-Stars installment, Alicia was voted off... Today, Econ will try to analyze the strengths, weaknesses and strategies of the remaining 6 castaways..

Rob Mariano of Survivor: Marquesas...
The only doable left in the pursuit for the 1 million dollars. Seriously, he is in a love affair/alliance with Amber Brkich since day 1of the All Stars. Physically strong, dominating and he's playing the leader role of the Chaboga Mogo. A very great manipulator. He also has mini alliances with Tom Buchanon and an alliance with the two remaining Saboga members, Jenna and Rupert... However, he's a bit egoistic, a real jerk, and he has this certain "angas" in him... He has this big target taped in his back by manipulating the others in voting off Lex and Kathy and also due to the mental and physical strength which he has shown in the Reward and Immunity Challenges...

Amber Brkich of Survivor: The Australian Outback...
The sweet girl... I can't say that she's innocent anymore... In the Outback, Amber is really a bleh.... a figment of Jerri's shadow... but, Amber has quite changed... She has entered into a love affair/alliance with Rob Mariano since day 1 and basically, the dynamic duo of Romber as the PEXERS has said has basically controlled the dynamics of the Chapera tribe until now. Like Mariano, she also has alliances with Tom, Rupert and Jenna... earlier on the game, she also had an alliance with Kathy and Lex and persuaded them to vote for Jerri instead of her. Drawbacks: editing as a bleh character still... Has also a big target in her back because of her skills and physical strength and fluidity among the women.

Jenna Lewis of Survivor: Pulua Tiga.... the mom... passionate... uber cheerful... perky... that's Jenna... I've not seen Jenna in the 1st installment of Survivor... She has been in an alliance with Rupert since their Saboga days and when they were transported into Chapera, they immediately struck a deal with the power duo of Amber and Rob... From then on, Jenna has been a power player...constantly involved in the politics of Chaboga Mogo... Drawbacks: perky to the point of being annoying.... Pretty much FLying under the radar... Has made enemies with Alicia and now with the Shii Devil

Tom Buchanon of Survivor: Africa... i still can't understand him... basically the jolly old farmer that we love... But i think TOm has the nicest strategy among them all... He's riding the coat tails of Rob Mariano and Amber, hence, he's not likely to receive the blow if ever things in Chaboga Mogo become quite sticky... He also has a minor alliance with Rupert... Drawbacks: He's old and fat and he'll definitely not win in a physical immunity challenge...

Rupert Boneham of Survivor Pearl Islands... i heart him in Pearl Islands... i hate him in the All-Stars... Basically, Rupert turned out to be quite crappy too... His team, Saboga has to face many defeats because of him... tsk tsk tsk... has an alliance with Jenna and with ROMBER... Could perform real good in a physical challenge... However, he is poor in mind games... I don't know whether it's due to the editing or what but it seems to me he isn't strategizing... All he did was grab some people who believe in him... like what happened in the PEarl Islands where he had Christa and eventual winner Sandra in his core alliance which has dominated the Drake and the Balboa tribes until hottie Burton voted him off..

last but not the least...

Shii Ann Huang of Survivor: Thailand.... i love this girl.. Spunk, has the dynamic personality... the bitch or the Shii devil as she proclaimed herself... After winning the Immunity yesterday, Shii redeemed herself. As the only standing Mogo Mogo left...she should earn the props...Drawbacks: A Lot... annoying, talks too much... could be weak in physical challenges... However, she is great in Mind games... if not the best left in the game after Lex and Kathy's exit...

Situation at the Chaboga Mogo: After Alicia's exit, the scramble is on... Shii is still very vulnerable unless she finds and persuades someone to go with her. Jenna should convince Rupert and Tom to realign to Shii's side to vote Rob MAriano(if he not wins the IC) first then Amber... It could be noted that Amber and Rob are quite the couple to beat since they're both young, they're buff and they do well in challenges... if Shii loses immunity, then ciao to the Shii devil but if she wins again, then it's either ciao to Rob M/Amber (revenge vote in part of Shii and possible votes if she manages to convince the others...) or to Rupert... I think the All Stars is a no-man's game... there are still many possible things that could happen and predicting who wins or gets booted off is kinda hard... just like this show....

MOvie Marathon:

Yesterday, I just stayed at home and watched "The Red Dragon", "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Hannibal", the trilogy of the saga of the cannibal Hannibal (hey rhymes... ).. just let myself get freaked out... Edward Norton was so uber hot in Red Dragon (even had a wet dream about him)... Really had a great time matching wits and letting myself get scared...

Summer Classes:

Enrolled in two summer classes.. quite fulfilling in quite a nice manner since there are two cross-enrollees in our education subject... one from UST, one from UP... the one from UST is quite hot... 5'7.5 120-130 lbs, chinito and fair with a nice smile... Jason Naval is his name... plus, plu radar went on when i saw him... hmmm....

Song of the Moment:
"When I Fall In Love" by Jasmine Trias... yesterday, i've searched for a site where i could download all the songs of the AI finalists... found out that Jennifer was the latest casualty... and i've chanced upon the cover of Jasmine Trias of one of the most romantic songs (well for me...) here's the song...

When I Fall In Love

When I fall in love
It will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love

In a restless world
Like this is
Love is ended before it's begun
And too many
Moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart
I give it completely
Or I'll never give my heart

And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you

Thursday, April 22, 2004


I have enrolled for my summer class today. Instead of the usual vacation in Cavite where I will rest and play badminton the whole afternoon and just be a lazy lad… Instead, I’m gonna be studying and studying for some minor education subjects. But what the heck, I have to study this summer because I’m so much freaking delayed….

Last Tuesday, I went online for the 1st time and chatted over bi-manila in the IRC. During my entire relationship with Marlon and my pseudo-fuckbud-friend relationship with Elwyn, I have never again set foot in the mIRC…Since Elwyn’s departure for Pennsylvania last Friday, I really felt lonely and somewhat horny and just underwent the process of having someone to be with me and do it with me… but what the hell, I chatted again and again went to the same intricate process of looking for an eb. I then chatted with this certain guy who was so friendly and witty that I was convinced to meet him in Tapa King, Estrada… in front of DLSU… it turned out that the guy whom I was chattin with was my batchmate from high school, Erick and it really shocked me since he was my grandslam(for 4 years, I have to put up with him every single day… Monday to Friday)… yikes… the whole evening and eb and the succeeding seb turned out to be mighty surreal for me…. Just felt mighty mighty weird….

The whole grade debacle isn’t cleared yet… fuck it…

Econ’s song of the moment: Orange-Colored Sky by Katie Webber…. I was watching the American Idol re-run in Channel 5 yesterday and I was again impressed by Katie... great great girl and nice song too... “wham, bham, alakazzam”

Monday, April 19, 2004


This is what i feel today... Today's the course card distribution and i feel i was cheated of the grade that i deserve...

I got a

3.5 for Cultural History of the Philippines
3.0 for Philippines under Spanish Rule
2.5 for Philosophy of History
3.0 for Guidance Counseling Education
4.0 for RELSFOR(Philippine Social Morality)

yet, i got a 0.0 for FILIPI1... my god... i don't know but i'm surely pissed off by this grade. I don't deserve this grade. I'm mighty serious about her subject doing all the papers and the required tests... and my pre-final grade is 3.0... the only thing that my fucking professr could say is that i have exceeded the number of absences... but, the funny thing is that I have the immunity from that case because of being the deans lister for the previous term... Methinks I have to plead my case to the grievance board... this is unacceptable...

where is the sense of justice in this world?

Friday, April 16, 2004


I'm a rabid reality TV fan... I have pretty much watched every reality themed-contest in the boob tube. I have watched The Amazing Race (well seasons 3 and 4 only mainly because I was anti TAR at the time the first 2 seasons are being shown), Survivor (from Survivor Australian Outback up to the current Survivor All-Stars)and pretty much watched the weekly elimination period and an watched Star in A Million from start to finish... I never miss an episode of Fear Factor and i've pretty much watched The Bachelor from the 1st season until the season which is being aired in Studio 23(Andrew Firestone is reall such a hot pa to handle... really doable) and the Bachelorette (i think Ryan is really hot, nice body and mysterious smile)

I never knew what made me to become such a fan of Reality TV. I don't know what has gotten over me to finally become a fan of reality TV... maybe it's this sense of connection that I'm feeling for the contestants, well maybe because I imagine myself as a contestant in the show that I'm watching or maybe I'm just a frustrated reality tv contestant... hmmmmm....

As of the moment, there are 4 reality tv shows which I'm currently watching... namely, The Bachelor, Season 3 (Andrew Firestone), the weekly local singing competition Star in A Million, the 8th installment of Survivor and the latest addition to my reality tv fave list, American Idol...


Every Thursday night, I keep myself glued in front of the boob tube because of this show which has produced the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Reuben Studdard... so my post will be about American Idol and the 12 singers who have made it through the final cut....

The Standing 12 arranged in alphabetical order:

Amy Adams, Camille Velasco, Diana de Garmo, Fantasia Barrino, George Huff, Jasmine Trias, Jennifer Hudson, John Stevens IV, Jon Peter Lewis, La Toya London, Leah LaBelle and Matthew Rogers

As of now, Leah and Matt have been voted off respectively after Soul Week and Country Week. Yesterday's episode is Motown night and the 10 remaining idols have performed. Now let us look at the Idols one by one....

Amy Adams
Songlist: "Power Of Love" (3rd group of 8), "You Make Me Feel Brand New"(Soul Week), "Sin Wagon" (Country Week) and "Dancing in the Streets" (Motown Night)

When I've first seen Amy in her audition, she was so uber perky to the point that I'm irritated by her... She has quite a nice voice and definitely has the spunk factor within her. But, her voice is kinda annoying because when she sings a song and when it comes to the high notes, her voice shifts and thins out... that you can't almost hear her sing... i sincerely thought that she'd be booted out after SOUL NIGHT but she bounced back in the Country Week after her good performance of the Dixie Chicks Song Sin Wagon... But, after watching her stint yesterday.... uhm.... i think she'll be booted off.... meh performance of "Dancing in the Streets"

Camille Velasco
Songlist: "One Last Cry" (2nd group of 8), "Son of A PreacherMan" (Soul Week), "Desperado" (Country Week)and "For Once in My Life" (Motown Night)

Camille Velasco is one of the two Fil-Ams that are currently in the quest to become the next American Idol. When Camille auditioned in Hawaii, i was really impressed with her voice. Her voice is that kind of mix of r&b which is very refreshening to the ears. Very soothing and relaxing... That is her voice... but when you're watching her perform, it's as if she's straining really hard to sing... she has some weird contortions... she's one of the type of singers that you'd better hear than watch... but despite all of this, she's quite a pretty and hot girl.. However, she is quite in danger of being voted off because of this apparent lack of self-confidence and timidity that she has.... But, win or lose... Camille has already carved her niche in the industry and in the hearts of the Pinoys

Diana De Garmo
Songlist: "I've Got the Music in Me"(1st group of 8), "Think"(Soul Week), "A Broken Wing"(Country Week)and "Do YOu Love Me"(Motown Night)

Diana posseses a great voice. She has quite a wide range and her voice is quite full and could easily reach the high notes. However, her performances are her weak point. When you watch Diana performing, it's as if she has no connection or feeling to the song she's performing. This could be illustrated when she sang "A Broken Wing" by Martina McBride in the country week. When you see her perform, there is quite a sense of detachment that you'll feel...

Fantasia Barrino
Songlist: "Something to Talk About" (1st group of 8), "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" (Soul week),"Always on My Mind" (Country Week), and "I Heard it through the Grapevine"(MOtown Night)

Fantasia may not be quite beautiful but she certainly has the voice, the spunk, the attitude to make it in the music business. I think she has the biggest shot of being the third American Idol... her name is so uber unique and the recall is really great... Her voice is Macy Gray like... she could perform a slow song as shown in her performance of "Always on My Mind".. plus, she's got the attitude which I think is quite appropriate for her.... However, many people are annoyed by her apparent shouting of "YEah" every time she's singing an upbeat, she's got no underdog image....

George Huff
Songlist: "Always & Forever"(4th group of 8), "Lean On Me"(Wild-Card),"Dock of the Bay"(Soul Week), "I Can Love You Like That"(Coutry Week),and "Ain't Too Proud To Beg"(Motown Night)

George Huff has the nicest voice among the guys of AI season 3. He has shown his versatility in the songs that he has chosen. He's the grooviest... But, he's also the most irritating performer with her weird shoulder dance moves along and he's shining eyes and that weird wide smile... He gives me the creeps when he does that.....

Jasmine Trias
Songlist: "Run To YOu" (4th group of 8), "Inseperable"(Soul Week), "Breathe"(Country Week), and "You're All I Need To Get By"(Motown Night)

Jasmine is the other Filipino-American who is in the search to become the next American Idol. Jasmine's one of the belters... She really can reach those high notes... She also has a sweet, perky image and exudes this confidence and cheeriness in her when you see her perform...Add in the flower... But, she proved to be inconsistent... After wowing me in her performance of Inseperable, she had a disastrous country week after she sang Breathe by Faith Hill, then she bounced again with another great performance of "You're all that I need to get By"... methinks she's gonna be in the bottom three next week... She's got to work in her consistency...

Jennifer Hudson
Songlist: "Imagine"(1st group of 8), "I Believe in You and Me"(Wild-Card Round), "Baby I Love YOu"(Soul Week), "No One Else on Earth"(Country Week)and "HeatWave"(Motown Night)

If there is an underdog, it is definitely Jennifer Hudson. Jen belongs to the category of the black divettes and she really can belt it out... she also is spunky, and quite wild and raucous... however, she's got this tendency to oversing....

JOhn Stevens
Songlist: "She's Always a Woman"(4th group of 8), "Lately"(Soul Week), "King of the Road" (Country Week), and "My Girl"(Motown Night)

JOhn Stevens genre is classical singing... he's voice could easily be compared with Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban and Michael Buble... He's quite a charmer too with his usual neat image... However, I'm not a fan of classical singing in a contest. He's proved to be quite one of the worst people in the competition and his "my girl" performance could be compared to the bleating of a goat... he reminds me of Christian Bautista of SIAM... but the positive point about JOhn is that he's really good in a genre where there are only few singers.... ps. he reminds me of Finch from American Pie...

Jon Peter Lewis
Songlist: "Tiny Dancer"(3rd group of 8), "A Little Less Conversation"(Wildcard Round), "Drift Away(Soul Week), "She Believes in Me"(Country Week), "This Old Heart of Mine"(Motown Night)

JPL is really cute... he's doable... He reminds me of a hobbit.. However, despite his cuteness, I think he'll be eliminated... He isn't that good for the competition... his talents are just mediocre... but he really reminds me of Pippin and Merry of LOTR...

La Toya London
Songlist: "All By Myself"(3rd group of 8), "Ain't Nobody"(Soul Week),"Ain't Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up"(Country Week) and "Ooh Baby, Baby"

La Toya is really great. HAs a wide range. Her voice is technically great. Her performances are quite ok except for the last one(her motown night isn't that great because of that lousy and boring song). What is the problem with La Toya? I think she's the type of person who sings quite great but her personality and her presence will kill her in the competition. Compared to the almost maniacal personality of Jen Hudson and the dominating prescence of Fantasia, La Toya's personality pales in comparison

Leah LaBelle
Songlist: "I have Nothing"(3rd group of 8), "I Believe in You and Me"(Wild-Card Round), "You Keep Me Hanging On" (Soul Week)

Leah is the 1st casualty of the competition. After her faltering performance of "You Keep Me Hanging On", she's been booted off. I think she has quite a unique voice... maybe it's because of her accent and she really is a beautiful girl... =)

Matthew Rogers
Songlist: "What You Won't Do For Love"(2nd group of 8), "Hard To Handle"(Soul Week), "Amazed"(Country week)

A Jock... that's what Matt Rogers is... i don't like him... he's so uber confident of himself that it's quite irritating... In fairness, his audition piece "Just Once" is really great but in the weeks that followed, he sucked and sucked and sucked... I don't know how could Lisa Leuschner lose to him...


That's quite a long post... i'm so uber tired... just had a movie marathon starting around 11 yesterday eveing up to around 10:30 in the morning.... Watched X-Men, X-2, The Hulk, Daredevil, LXG and Spiderman... damnit... All of them are Marvel Characters... So sleepy.. so sleepy... (1 - 100)

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