Saturday, September 16, 2006

So far, so good... I just got home from our team breakfast and I was really feeling quite full from the food that we've eaten...

Random thoughts:

* Got to have a haircut. It's been last April since I last had my hair cut... Thought of going bald and shaving all the hair off... Nah, it won't look good on me... I would look even fatter than normal...

* Dilana lost to Lukas in the finale of Rockstar: Supernova.... the finale was awesome, but it would have been better if she won instead of Lukas. Anyway, it's better that the final showdown was between them, since they really are the two competitors to watch out for the entire season.

* I'm losing weight... I now peak at 126 pounds sa bathroom scale... I think my routine of just noodles and just a cup of rice and tea coupled with walking made me lose 6 pounds... The only problem is that my genes are really faulty... all the elizalde and camacho men have the dumpy, squat figure that I have... =(

* I love Steve Berry, author of the books The Amber Room, The Romanov Prophecy, the Third Secret and the Templar Legacy. His books are tighter than Dan Brown's and more though t provoking...

* Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep really rules... God, I can't get enough of the movie, The Devil Wears Prada... I watched it for the 3rd time already... it was really worth it...

* Survivor started, and the Asian castaways won immunity.... Pretty impressive...

* I dislike African-Americans. They have this inferiority complex which makes me ill...

Friday, September 08, 2006

September, and the reality tv shows

Woah, this is gonna be the first time after a long time that I'm gonna be writing a real blog entry instead of just posting my favorite performances from my fave reality tv show as of the moment, which is Rockstar: Supernova... whooo...

After such a long time, I was finally given a Friday off. After a not so hectic week of answering calls, I was given a three day off... And thank god, I got the weekend off after a payday. So, I went home around 6 in the morning after splurging and buying hot loops and some chips for my sister... Got home at around 7 oclock after 1 hour of slogging through the traffic-congested streets of Espana and Quiapo. And I slept like a log till 3 o clock. Since, it was really, really a long time since Ive been given a friday off, I thought that today, I'm just gonna do the things that I love. So, went to the Malate branch of IBank and withdrew half of my salary and went to Starbucks Malate branch to have my fill of the java chip frap which I'm really craving and thinking that since I'm gonna be partying all night, I need to have my caffeine rush... The barista's cute, chinito, lean, wears glasses and has braces... hehehe... After that, I went to Rob Place to watch a movie. Seriously, the last movie that I saw was Mortuary and I think I had my fill already of gore, blood and death, so I decided to watch The Devil Wears Prada starring Merryl Streep as Miranda and Anne Hathaway as Andrea Saks... Well, the movie's really just a feel-good movie so there's nothing more to comment and criticize... It's quite nice to see the movie coz it was a really great adaptation from the book, which I really adore... While watching the movie at cinema 4 , i heard the rumble of the thunder. I later found out when I came out of the mall, that the sky tore open again and let out great torrents of rain. When I got out of the mall at around 9ish, I said to myself that I'm going to pick one of the restos in the Malate area to have my dinner then go to Bed and shake my JLO ass off.. But due to the rains, the streets are already flooded. Taft corner P Gil is sunk... and it's still raining... damn, there goes my perfect weekend... hehehe... but, tomorrow, I'm gonna party with vengeance.

Things to expect next week:

Rockstar: Supernova Finale !!!
Wednesday and Thursday (8:30 in the morning for the via satellite broadcast)

who will win between Lukas Rossi (the Canadian rocker with makeup), Toby Rand (the Aussie hunk rocker with his good looks), Magni (the Nordic Iceman with the best voice), and Dilana (the gutsy South African with the great voice)

Survivor 13: Cook Islands Premiere
Friday (1:30 in the afternoon for the via satellite feed)

there has been a lot of controversy regarding the 13 installment of Survivor because the tribes are divided according to racial ethnicity. There's the tribe of White Americans, the Black Americans, the Hispano- Americans, and lastly, the Asian Americans. It caused cries of racism throughout the US... well for a hardcore, Survivor fan, any new season of Survivor is something to really watch out for... I can't wait to see the two Filipino outcasts, Brad and Jenny scheme through the game...

The Amazing Race 10
September 18 Monday (8:30 in the morning for the via satellite feed)

the tenth installment of the race features a really diverse cast. There's the generic alpha male team, two beauty queens, a lesbian and her father, a gay couple, chinese brothers, an indian couple, plus the others... I just hope that the 10 installment is gonna be exciting because the family edition and the 9th installment really bored me...

Song of the Moment; Mother, Mother by Dilana

Thursday, August 17, 2006

hmmm... my blog's getting really, really stale... but i still can't get over my writer's block... so... carry on with the videos...

dilana's killer performance of mother mother by tracy bonham

here's dilana singing won't get fooled again by the who

zayra alvarez singing lluvia del mar on stripped down night

dilana robichaux with cats in the cradle on stripped down night... encore worthy

Friday, August 04, 2006

Freshest picks from youtube of my favorite performances from week 5:

Zayra Alvarez doing a craptastic, wild show of 867-5309/Jenny

Jill Gioia performing Alone by Heart

Dilana singing Can't Get Enough

Ryan Star singing Iris

Friday, July 28, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

Woah... who would've thought that the pop classic Time After time by Cyndi Lauper could be sung in a rockstar competition... This is what happened after favorite Dilana took on the classic and made it her own in an accoustic performance... great

Saturday, July 22, 2006


If ever there's one finalist of Rockstar: Supernova which really made an impact on me, it's Dilana Robichaux. Dilana's the heavily pierced South African who now resides in Texas. Beneath that tough exterior is such a true person... She's so totoo... unlike the others...

just listen to her riveting version of the Cranberries' and be mesmerized by Dilana...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

rockstar: supernova

I sincerely admit that I'm not that rocker kind of fella. I mean, my song choices maybe eclectic and may range from mainstream pop to r&b to bossa and accoustic, my mp3 collection lack those rock hits from nirvana and others... It maybe due to the fact that I'm really not fond of those heavy guitar rifts, those manic antics and those screaming. In fact, I did not watch Rockstar: INXS last year because I'd rather listen to Carrie and Vonzell singing rather than watch the fellows. But now, I'm quickly becoming a fan of Rockstar Supernova... I mean, I was able to catch the pilot episode and I was really blown away by certain performances... which I would put in later... My bets for being the lead is DILANA... she has that attitude and that amazing voice which is so riveting, almost hypnotic...

It's currently on the third week of competition and so far: these are my fave performances

Dilana Robichaux singing Lithium by Nirvana

Man... Psychotic, Hypnotic, Riveting and Mesmerizing... damn, she started out wearing this hood and she just stood there at the beginning of the song letting the moment and the atmosphere to become so quiet, yet so tense as if her voice is the only thing that matters in the planet... damn...

Jill Gioia singing Bring me to Life in the results

Woah... After she screamed and screeched the song Violet during her performance night which earned her a bottom three performance, Jill again wowed us with her powerful rendition of Bring me to Life by Evanescence. Great vocal control, less screaming and just pure unadulterated singing... plus, fewer rock antics

Dana Andrews singing I'm the Only One by Melissa Etheridge

I've heard Nadia Turner from AI4 and Kellie Pickler from AI5 sing this song, but Dana Andrews' version is simply the best. Damn, when she started, I thought man, this is AI stuff but when she belted out the chorus part of the song... My jaw just dropped...

Dilana Robichaux singing Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

For the second straight week, Dilana performed a subdued song but the stage presence is still there... When she starts singing, it asks you to just see her and let her voice melt you... damn..

Jill Gioia singing Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

Another song that I heard from AI the first time is Piece of My heart performed by eventual idol winner Carrie Underwood... But Carrie's version paled in comparison to Jill's performance of the song... whoo...

Storm Large taking on Pinball Wizard

Nice name.. Storm Large, and she's living up to her name with this hot performance...

damn, i'm so sleepy... tomorrow, i'm gonna be taking on the guys... (1 - 100)

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